This is probably a really dumb question

Discussion in 'General' started by PaulMcCartney, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. but why isn't my picture showing up? Is it because I'm new?
  2. by picture are you talking about your avatar? I experienced issues with my avatar early on as well, but it kinda sorted itself out for all I know...
  3. Yea, like yours is a ghost. Mines is supposed to be Paul McCartney hitting a J, but it doesn't show up.
  4. You set the picture as your profile photo, not your avatar.

    Your avatar is what you see on posts and your profile picture is what you see when you go to your profile.

  5. Not really sure man, I had to try uploading the pic a few times in order to get it to work, but I didn't try for like a month after I got my account anyway :smoke: maybe you should post this is one of the forum tech question section...they have something like that available.
  6. Might need to downsize the pic.

  7. Yea that.

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