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This Is My Weekend

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zilfana, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So this is gonna be my killer weekend and I thought I should share. The story is my fiance and her friend are spending a weekend in Mobile, Alabama (about 6 hours away from where we live in Louisiana.) Her friend wants to see her brother and my fiance is going along with her, since school will soon be here. This leaves me home alone all weekend, with Saturday and Sunday off of work. I do have to go in from 6-12 today though.

    As you can see from the pic that I've got everything I need. I've got all my weed sorted and bagged, with two equal bags for each day of the weekend, along with a bag of small nugs I didn't grind up. I'm gonna load a few bowls, roll a few joints, and even roll up a blunt after I get wraps when I'm at work today.

    Then of course there is Halo. I've already beat Halo last night, because I wanted to get started on Halo 2 once the weekend started. Then of course I'll move on to Halo 3. I'm just playing on Normal. I'm not trying to make a challenge. I just want to play through each game back to back without skipping any cut scenes.

    The last thing you can see it the awesome star I drew on the bong today with a Sharpie. Then I decided to keep tally on the bong and lighter (the first yellow Bic I've ever seen, much less possessed.) For every bong hit I put a tally on the bong, and for every time I light up with the Bic I put a tally on it. Then by the end of the weekend I can see just how much I've lit up.

    This is gonna be epic!

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  2. I also have food covered! I'm getting $156 food stamps Saturday, compliments of me being a poor starving Fine Arts student at the local state university. So Saturday I'm gonna go stock up on any food I could want!
  3. Nice night man :smoke:
    Nothing better than the halo series to play with some mates.
    Enjoy your night.
    One Love
  4. Well, I'm off to work.
  5. nice! wish they still had the Halo 2 servers up :mad: but the campaign is always epic! keep us informed
  6. Enjoy your awesome weekend...I guess thats awesome to some people so ;$
  7. Nice nice. My one dealer uses those same bags.
  8. Damn that looks awesome. I don't even know why you have half of that stuff but still awesome.
  9. Awesome set up! Toast one for me man, hope your weekend kills
  10. Does your fiance not like you smoking?
  11. Where is the bong?
  12. Lucky. Have fun, man. :smoke:
  13. Wtf is that piece? seriously idk ow that can be a bong..
  14. Thats a pretty good bong you made there.

  15. lmao.

    sounds good man, light up. and you wouldn't happen to me OCD or something would you? oh wait you're a "fine arts" student lol.
  16. Back from work! About to light up.

    And no, my fiance loves smoking just a much as I do. It's just if they're out of town having a mini vacation, I might as well have fun too.
  17. #17 DrGonzoMD, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Damn Thats pretty chill! have fun with halo man badass game
  18. Just had a blunt to myself. Nice and high:smoke:
  19. Props on the iPod case for storage haha. Love Halo, was majorly bummed when I found out the remake coming out isn't gonna have it's own multiplayer online.
  20. What do you speak of? Which game, the new halo or the remake of halo: CE?

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