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  1. I am a Family man born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I grew up in Kensington and smoked my first joint in 6th grade. I also went to Catholic School. I smoked pretty steady most of my adult life. I did stop for a while to enter the trucking industry. Then on December 30, 2012, I was injured while getting the truck ready in the snow and ice. I collected the insurance for the term of the contract. I lost the truck and my CDL in the process. The truck because I went fron $1,600 a week to $1,600 a month. Now that has stopped. They took my CDL because I could no longer pass the Physical. I have 3 herniated discs in my neck with severe nerve damage. My hands stay tingly to numb most days and I get severe headaches. I also have 3 herniated discs in my lower back. It tightens up every so often and is painful. Now, I am in the process of getting Disability.

    When I got hurt I requested no narcotics. I told the ER staff NO NARCOTICS. Finally I agreed to a shot of something to relax me while they took xrays and an MRI. At the end of my stay the doctor who was awesome and a female asked me what scrips I wanted. I requested again non narcotic medicine. The reason for my request was I have burried too many people from crap like that. Even though I grew up in Kensington I have never done any hardcore drugs. I drank and I smoked weed. At the time of my injury I havent smoked in about years. I tried everythin! I mean everything! I went to Physical Therapy and was hurting more after PT then before. It would take me literally an hour to be able to wake up and function. That was it! I threw all the medicine out. It was doing nothing but tearing up my stomach. I started smoking weed. Yes! It is Illegal here where I live..... Oh Well!! Now, I am able to wake up take my own medicine and function. So the insurance company sent me to a Pain Management doctor. I was amused so I went. I technically dint have to go since I was no longer collecting anything from these people. This doctor says I read your chart and would like to offer you whatever pain medicine you would like. I told him weed is illegal here, I dont need you and you are fired. I left.

    Obviously living where I do is a problem. They make you feel like a creep sneaking around to take medicine, I done with it. The wife has given her blessing for relocating. So here are our options: Washington, Oregon, Northern California.

    I definitely want to get some land and grow my own. My biggest fear is jail. I want to do everything by the book and legally.

    What state do you think would be best?

    I have been doing a ton of research over the years. I read and follow certain growers. I have smoked most of my life just never grew.

    Any links you can share that may help me achieve my goal please help.......

  2. I've lived in both WA and OR, and currently live in Portland on the border of them both. I'd say move to WA. Cost of living is much cheaper and weed is much cheaper.


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