this is my plan any tips welcome

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pookoverlord, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. ok my seeds just sprouted ( i germinated it) and tomarrow i'm gonna plant it in a small pot one of those pet moss ones or whatever they called there the ones that you can transplant in to another bucket without haveing to remove it becouse the roots grow through the pot into the other one also i havent bought anything for my plant yet so tomarrow i was gonna buy 2 120 wattt floro lights and i plan on growing my plant in a box i'll pick up from wallmart tomarrow i'll line it with tin foil dull side out as to not have to much heat also i'll have a fan blowing on the stalk to promote stronger stems and 2 more fans one blowing air in and one blowing air out the box i plan on useing just reg soil becouse i dont know how to get into all that technical soil crap i'll buy a ph meter and make sure its stay around 6.4 to 6.8 becouse thats what i hear i need it at and i hear lineing the soil with worm casting and perflit helps i plan on keeping the light 2 inches from the plant i plan on buying another 120 watt ligh later down the road but for now 2 will do i hope i plan on leaving the light on 24/7 instead of 18/6 i hear both ways work for the veg state then in the flowering stage 12/12 lights and i'll start feeding it fert i hear that if i cut the stems its promotes bushyness and not growing upwards wich i want then i hear 2 weeks before harvest i should flush the soil so as to not have any chems in the bud for a better smoke and thats all i klnow to do for now that sound about rite? any other tips are appreacated
  2. sounds pretty've done a bit of background on many plants are you trying to grow?....what is the size of your box?.....i'd also invest in a water gauge and humidity or not but i find it very usefull to tell the water levels at diffrent depths of the pot......those lights will give you 18,000 lumens....the avarage is approx 2000-3000 lumens per plant, and also per sq foot....hence it would do a box of approx 2.5' x 2.5' = 6.25sq foot of grow space and allowing 2880 lumens per sq foot......hope it goes well for you....keep us posted......Peace out....Sid

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