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    just wanted to share a story of how weird/pointless my love life is...

    so yesterday i had met up with a female friend i had not seen in a while. we have alot in common so it was easy to talk & shoot shit. for a while i had been attracted to her (still kinda am) but never consummated anything or w/e.

    so since we had been talking recently i kept a pretty flirty, aloof attitude just cuz it's more fun and i didn't really want to have to give a fuck about anything & makes for more fun conversation. i met up with her last night after she got off her job from a bakery to smoke trees and just chill since we hadn't in a while. i pick her up to smoke more since she just had.

    we rolled up a blunt and cruised it and just talked about music and life and shit. there were moments when i felt a sexual tension rise but didn't do shit cuz i didn't want to burn any bridges like i tend to do in the name of sex (didn't want to be known as "that guy"...) she seemed to exude femininity at certain points and would play with her hair sometimes while we talked.

    so when we part ways, i eventually go home & talk to her online and she is noticeably distant. then she tells me she's videochatting with someone who wants to bone her and starts relaying information to him on why i'm ignoring him on fb chat & other things she said she wouldn't tell him (earlier on) for various reasons.

    it's funny cuz whenever i try to make my intentions known subtly i get treated like a dishtowel but when & i don't do i try to keep it in my pants then i seem to attract more/be more attractive. there are some things i'll just never understand, i suppose.
  2. that's just women, man. confusing breasts they are, always have been and always will be. but we love um
  3. why did you have to be subtle with your intentions?
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    you're trying to keep her as a close friend and not express sexuality with her even though you want to. that just doesn't work. the friendzone often occurs when compassionate guys think that a solid male-female friendship means more than natural instincts to express sexuality (and usually ends up with you liking the girl, but she could never feel that way because you don't have a dick). if you don't make a move when she wants you to, she will most likely go for the guy that does, especially if she constantly gets attention from guys. men and women are meant to fuck, dude. just go for it next time

    in her eyes, an ideal close friendship with a guy is a relationship also involving sexual activity and feelings. seems like this chick wanted some action, and the close male-female friendship you pictured did not matter. what i'm saying is that you got fucked over in the end because you did not make a move, and that is all she cared about
  5. Ask yourself man, what is it that you really want out of this?

    Sounds like you just want to get it in, haha, no shame in that man.

    But if that's what you want, then just go for it, because it sounds to me like she's not all about you, or she'd be blowing up your phone or whatever.

    So next time, if it's the right mood and you're both having a good time, just try something and see what happens.

    If it doesn't work, then hey, no use in being caught up on the same chick just trying to get it in right? There's always more fish in the sea.
  6. yeah,that's just women, man. confusing breasts they are, always have been and always will be. but we love um[​IMG]
  7. have her initiate the hooking up, she might be into that.

  8. very old but if you could explain that would actually be dope...
  9. Watch the movie "just friends"

    it should solve most of your issues.
  10. Don't become friends with the girl you wanna bone, this ain't a movie.
  11. Like others have said you gotta just make a move but make sure the moment is right. You dont wanna go for a kiss without really knowing if shes digging you or not cus then she will just get creeped out. Ive never been a Mac and never been in a serious relationship myself but ive had some fun. If a girl is physically attracted to you she will be easily seduced man once you start kissing intensely you touch her. Now my 2 cents on relationships, women are like a puzzle man some guys can figure them out and others cant.
  12. /\ /\ This someone gets it!! if you felt sexual tension make a move dont be a pussy if anything youll make more bridges to walk if not screw her shes wasting your time. stop being the nice guy unless you want to be walked on
  13. She sounds like a shitty friend. Only option left is to pound that pussy.
  14. why do guys assume that chicks cant "just fuck" too? I can be friends with someone I have sex with lol it's the dude who usually starts acting weird about it honestly
  15. lol, did no one read the story? just because i may be attracted to her doesn't mean i'm obligated to have sex with her. it would prob just make shit weird and it's not like i knew for certain so what's the point of fucking up a good thing when i'm not totally in to her?
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    I'm gonna break it down to you helpmeoutho, you and I go back, and I'd also like to ask zeventeen if you'd like to be friends, I wont make it weird....but helpmeoutho, here's what I think happened.

    You were slightly aprehensive with this girl, perhaps waiting for some clear signal that would give you the okay to step up your game. The signals were there, they were just hard to read. Chick signals can be very confusing. You guys weren't on the same page, her waiting for you, and perhaps you, waiting for her. Later that night, with your conversation about tumbler and all that computery business, she was essentially telling you her disappointment that you didn't make a move, but she used her chick speak, adorable, even brilliant in its creativity, but utterly nonsensical to the male brain. In other words, she was hoping something would have went down.

    Next time, if you are with a girl, smoking weed, the game has already begun. You are Michael Douglas (from the movie "The Game") This is where you become proactive. Don't jump her or be a sleeze, but within the flirt action that is going on, connect with her eyes. You'll have a fairly good picture of what she's thinking by her eyes. Make a joke, when she laughs, catch her gaze. I promise you, if she's into you, her eyes will sparkle, you'll see it.

    Ultimately, communicate with your eyes, it's a conversation that's going on on a different level when you're with someone of interest.

    It's all in the eyes...... if vaginas had eyes, we'd all be slaves....more than we already are to be specific....

    EDIT: A few more comments, because coffee and Welbutrin go well together.....I sense a lot of doubt in how you feel and how you see this girl in your life. This could either indicate that you're not really into her, or you need to know if she's into you before you say you're into her.
  17. So you don't want to get with her?

    I'm confused....what's the point of the thread then?

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