This is my first plant and I was curious to hear your thoughts on how it looks.

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  1. I am almost 3 weeks into flowering. It's a female with several long white hairs around each bud site. Strain unknown. Soil medium. Schultz Bloom Plus fertilizer being used 10-54-10. About 16-17 in. high, about 14 in. wide.

    I am on 76 watts combined. One cool light 49W overhead dual tube fluoro, and one side penetrating "Lights of America" 27W 6500k CFL desk lamp. LOL. Ghetto setup in retrospect, but its worked out thus far!!

    Also, once a week I have added one cap full of hydrogen peroxide when watering to avoid the dreaded "root rot". I believe she is healthy, but then again I am an amateur.

    So, what are your thoughts? How's she look? ^_^

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  2. Hey man, plant looks very healthy. :hello:
  3. Thanks freedom!!! I have tried my best so far! :cool:
  4. Also.. Can anyone tell me what sort of strain this looks like to you? I'ts most likely a cross, but so far I believe it may Indica dominant. What do y'all think after taking a closer look?
  5. fat fan leaves= indica dominate. bushy=indica. just a Scientific-Wild-ASS-Guess! or swag.:)
  6. Yeah the fan/sun leaves were pretty fat.... they were very big, and always a very dark green. About 5 days ago, I may or may not have made a bad move, but I trimmed/pruned off 15 sun/fan leaves all at once!! I did it because most of them were covering bud sites, which hadn't yet received enough light directly and were remaining relatively immature I believe for it. Plus, with most of the fan leafs gone, the nutrients and the food from what the roots collect in the soil will all go to the bud sights instead of the sun leafs... AND.. a bunch of the sun leafs had strange brown stripes down the middle of them, I think they may have been dying for whatever reason anyway LOL No idea what the brown stripes were, except that some of them actually had a couple tiny holes straight through to the other side. Whatever the case, in my gut I felt they had to go.

    It was probably a bit of a sock to my plant, but she's still a she, and all of the other leaves seem to be compensating for the loss of the fans.

    So, I should be anticipating a cluster of bud around where all the female hairs are, right?
  7. im growing my third plant now, but yours is looking pretty fire, i haven't tried using a fertlizer yet, but im thinking of using schultz, as you did, since your plant came out looking so great, would 10-15-10 be much different?
    i've been growing everything the hard way, powdered milk, epsom salts, banana peels, etc, this is gunna be new!
  8. I have the same question, I currently have 10-15-10, where did you get the 10-54-10 and will it produce noticeably different results?

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