This is my first closet grow ever

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Downsouth Kush, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Can you use regular earth dirt to grow pot plants or does it have to be a special kind of soil. and if i grow in my closet can police officals detect it only if i have like 2 plants and 2 lights?
  2. use a potting soil like pro-mix not regular earth soil its too dense

    i wouldn't worry about a little closet grow there is no way they would know
  3. soil from outside will have all sorts of bugs, you dont want that
  4. how would the police find out? If your thinking about heat scans from helicopters then no, they cant dectect 2 lights. They wont find out unless you tell them.

    As for the dirt.. Buy some soil from the store. the better the soil the better the plant. Dont use dirt fom outside, it is filled with bugs and rocks and roots. It will not be worth it. Just spend the money for the right supplies. Look into it more. Fox Farms soil is good.
  5. Hey so I was wondering does the 2700k stuff mean 2700 lumens how can you tell how much k it has
  6. 2700k is the light spectrum it puts out and mimics falls light. the lumens will say on the box for instance a 48/300 puts out 4900k lumens

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