This is my final letter to the love of my life, as of now it remains unsent.

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  2. what happened
  3. that was really nice man, i was expecting a kind of "i need you take me back" kind of thing but it wasnt at all.

    I think she's gonna be somewhat skeptical of it when she reads it, because that's quite deep and meaningful and poetical but I think it's beautiful how you described everything and have actually grown from this relationship

    Hope your okay buddy
  4. Shit's deep bruh.
  5. It's pretty overwritten, but there's a decent chance she won't mind.
  6. So impressed. I couldn't write something like that ever. *claps*
  7. I would say that you can't really ask us of advice for your love letter. After all, it is your love letter and if you make any changes as a result of our opinions then your compromising the integrity of your feelings.

    With that said, the last line is really good...
  8. the good things in life have to go to make way for the better things later on.
  9. you better not ever send that crap out...
  10. I love threads that help me learn new words like alabaster!:love:
    Also if thats how you feel about her then let her know buddy.:hello: Whats the worse that could happen :confused_2:, you seem like your handling it well by finding yourself so that rocks:metal:
    here's sum lauryn hill for your bitch ass:gc_rocks:

    [ame=""]Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing - YouTube[/ame]

    n sum z-ro since you found yourself:wave:

    [ame=""]Z-Ro & Trae - I Found Me - YouTube[/ame]
  11. Damn wasn't what I expected at all. I was going to make fun of you for having a vagina but I think I'm actually going to send this to an ex of mine, with a few tweeks, just to fuck with her head lol.
  12. Dont send it. Your coming off as desperate and pathetic.

    Just move on dude, there are 3 billion other girls in the world, there is always a better girl
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    Jw, does that mean you sent it and it went badly or you agreed with the desperate/pathetic assessment?

    For future reference, when it comes to this sort of thing less is definitely more. Never wax poetic to someone who has rejected you.
  14. no one cares
  15. [quote name='"Oliver Hart"']Oh.


    Is the letter gone or something cause im on my iPod and see nothin
  16. send it and watch hilarity ensue
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    It means that I wrote it quite drunk (hence the tryhard in it) and upon seeing it on GC realized that's a mistake, because she still browsed around here last I knew. This sub-forum specifically at that.

    I did not send it, and I do not agree with the desperate/pathetic assessment for a couple reasons.

    • I stopped talking to her. We broke up "mutually" and were friends with benefits for a while after, but that wasn't doing it for either of us. It was my decision in the end, one which I don't regret anymore.
    • It's not desperate (see above) and calling it pathetic is just ignorant in my mind, or maybe presumptuous considering people seemingly assigned the "loser wants girl back" tag to it.
    • Those who said that apparently missed the whole point of the letter, which was that she understand how meaningful everything was to me, how much I've learned from our now sunken relationship, and that she truly is someone special regardless of us not working out in the end.

    To the guy that asked about it reading on his iPod - I revised it a bit since it was pretty overly done, if you want to read it for whatever reason I can PM you. Whoever said it was overwritten made an understatement tbh, I try too hard when I'm drinking and was pleasantly surprised some people really enjoyed it.

    I plan on sending it to her and hoping she feels the same way, or can at least be happy in knowing that she aided me in this strange journey. Other than that I plan on continuing to work on things with the new woman in my life and desire that far more than I would the idea of going back to what had developed into a toxic relationship. This is just the final step of the last race I ran, gotta finish that before starting a new one.

    You cared enough to post, and so did others, thus making your comment quite stupid. Thanks though bud!

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