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    does this look bad? this is my first indoor grow, im running a 400w metal halid. veg was 24/0 switched over to 12/12 10 days ago. mixed black kow, miracle grow spagnum peat moss and perlite for the soil
  2. How long did u veg for
  3. They look horrible my friend. With that 400 w you have decent ventilation? At 50 days they should be much bigger than that.
  4. Yea I didn't want to b the first person to tell u they look like shit dude
  5. You must be from the planet....damn.

    Men in Black 3 (2012)
    Will Smith
  6. Ouch joke?

  7. Must be....
  8. no those do not look good for 50 days
  9. well the seeds arent nothing special... bagseed and no i know they look horrible thats why i put it up here. its been 40 days of veg. vent is good aswell :(
  10. sorry friend they have a difficiency.
  11. are you familiar with the term "cutting your losses"?

    Throw that away, it's a lost cause. You would have grown a bigger plant on a windowsill.
  12. Yeah cut your losses.

    Im not sure where you went wrong, but my plants are that size around week 2 of veg. Im not sure why you decided to do 24/0... 18/6 is proper veg, im a big believer in plants always having a dark period.

  13. I've never had issues with 24/0.

    Yeah, they're tiny I would at least restart the bad looking one on the right.
  14. At least? If he continues flowering that left one in 60 days he may have one wet bowl when all is said and done.
  15. 24/0 is a waste of electricity imho.

    My plants do most of their growth during their dark period. But hey, if it works for you then so be it.. i would only run 24/0 for the first week or two from seed.
  16. Whats your grow set up? Tent, closet, room, mircro? And what kind of seeds?
  17. Not enough information, but the plants are stunted big time and the thinner one on the right side is very sad.

    Under a 400 mh the growth should be explosive.
  18. Start over man. Post a journal and explain your setup. We'll all help you out, and I guarantee the next grow will be much better. It was experience in the least!
  19. Cannabis does not need dark to veg. That growth is the plant stretching(not unhealthy) searching for light that isnt there. This does allow more light to lower growth. I put out about 2 inches of vertical growth a day with 24 hr light. When everything else is optimal.
  20. Everyone has their own ways. Ive vegged 24/0, i personally see better results, fast and healthy grow rates with 18/6

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