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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SexyGurl4U, Jul 7, 2002.

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  1. i did like the boobs, im a guy, no guys DONT like boobs...boobs are great...BUT...i would have to say that it wouldnt necessarily be about rights or anything about women taking steps or such and such, but more about appropriateness..just my opinion..and yeah, pandorahs box....also, true she may have brought it on herself but that doesnt necessarily merit an attack..not sayin she was right..not sayin she was wrong..may not have understood the way we do things here..but ....yeah, pandorahs box
  2. i guess what i really meant, was, it should be looked at as an honest mistake, its the first time i really know of something like this happening, no one should be bashed for it, not the girl, not us guys for being guys, and not you other women for defending your \"image\" if you will....and with that, i bite my happy and toke :D
  3. Oh god, why did everyone suddenly go PC. This is the internet, this is about free speech, this isn\'t about protecting a couple people\'s feelings. Nothing in this topic merits deletion, it\'s not mean spirited and damnit its not pornagraphic, and obviously us men are going to respond. If you women want to complain, blaim the starter of this topic (not such a smarty since she posted it in the marijuana picture forum), not grasscity and not the overwhelmning majority of men on grasscity who are just expressing exactly what they feel (and SHOULD NOT be afraid to express, simply because it hurts a few people\'s ideas of Political Correctness).
    What on earth are you talking about Patch, all humans use both halves of their brains (duh), and if we didn\'t, all men would be partially paralyzed on one side of theyre body.
  4. i don\'t have a poor opinion of hardly ANYONE on grasscity, and definitely not you critter. I actually have a very HIGH opinion of you, and many others, that\'s why I was surprised to see people of this site egging this girl on, asking for more pics, and \"nice rack\" etc. I wrote more on another thread about this and my reasoning is there as to why I protest.
    Just wasn\'t something I expected here, and it felt like \"an all time low\" just like I said it.
    If my opinion is disagreed upon, fine, I don\'t think less of ya\'all, I just know that.. some of you actually WANT boobs here, and that truly surprises me.
    I\'ll just keep that in mind for the next go \'round. Just respect those of us who wish to voice OUR opinions as well, and listen without getting so defensive and over-the-top.
    Just because we disagree with something being posted here doesn\'t mean we think less of anyone here, or want it deleted. We *can* have differing opinions and still get along, right? I am a true believer of the 1st amendment here in the US, and if you guys want this kind of stuff on here, fine. Us women who like to be taken seriously will try to deal with it. But let us have our opinions, too, otherwise ya\'all are hypocrites.
  5. I couldn\'t have said it better, ganjaphish!

    And critter, I never once had a problem with you nor did I want anything deleted. In fact, I just kicked back and watched this all for a while. Hell, yeah, you\'re a man and love tits. Great!!! I sure hope you do!!!! But if you guys really want that here, then at least have a \"chick pic\" forum and you can get off there, and I\'m not meaning literally unless that\'s your thing!!! So, don\'t get mad over that!
  6. i am so fucking stoned and just got done packinga nother bowl, and then read your post.....and..i actually thought about sporting this goofy ass motherfucking im stoned as hell grin, and taking my own pic and posting it.....considering it more........hmmm.....nahhhhhh................yeah.......dont care, sparkin bowl
  7. GOod thing I put this in Pandora\'s BOX :)

    Chill out people it\'s just a picture, probably posted by a guy who\'s rolling on the floor laughing.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA, IF MORE PEOPLE WANT ME TO, then i would..lmmfao off, im soo stoned, i picked off as many lil red hairs as i could and put them in a bowl in the pile and then got a couple of roaches and took the weed out and put that in there, and jesus i swear, that was some sticky icky weed in that sooooo fucked up..i would put my goofy ass grinning up there
  9. oooh baby girl you are a fine looking filly

    and i`m sure everyone will agree..........your breasts look pretty damn fine too...........reminds me ....must milk those cows!!!!
  10. now see, that makes a lot of sense to me not defending myself anymore, this should be a place for open opinions, we shouldnt have to defend ourselves, and not really that we shouldnt have to, but we shouldnt, its hitting me as kind of a guilty conscience thing, we are defending ourselves to vehemontly for the small offense, if any, at hand...i love her boobs :D

  11. Damn mate! I love your reply.

  12. HOT!!
  13. Im with you ganjaphish. But some people want to be portrayed and taken in as such objects. SJ could be right yah know.

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