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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SexyGurl4U, Jul 7, 2002.

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  1. Shes seems to have forgotten her head in the picture.

  2. rotflmmfaoticbadoaagboasursbmitcaiars means :

    rolling on the floor laughing my mother fucking ass off till i cant breath and die of asphyxiation and get buried on a sunday until a radioactive spider bites me in the casket and i am reincarnated as spiderman

    also...i fear that you left your head out of the pic ;)

  3. rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off while touching inchworms masterbating enigmatically?!
  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......well.....umm...ok....that sounds good to :D

  6. lol...well you could start by not posting pictures of just your girls on a forum full of horny pot heads
  7. thats pretty much what i was thinkin there nubbin..

  8. Hold it down over there critter! Your giving us an eclipse over here in the USA!

    SexyGurl4Me I\'m looking for a great woman to share the good times and love with. Are you available??
  9. [​IMG]

    IM APAULD !!!!I think there are other sites more suited to your kind !!! this is a family pot sight . i dont recall anyone saying how do your boobs grow !!!! go away chick your not wanted here!!!

  10. Ahh come on Patchoulie, a *family* pot site? Isnt that a little bit of a contrediction? Grasscity is for everyone (minus the annoying gimps that populate OG or so it would seem), if she wants to post pics of her boobs then let her!
  11. Showing your boobs or your own behind is perfectly legitimate on grasscity but not in the picture post section ;). Looking at the reactions óf some of our members there are craving for boobs or behinds??? We have pandora\'s box and most of the time I let things go with the flow over there.

    Thats why we have some sort of order on the forums so that not anybody post anything anywhere.



  12. He\'s obviously joking.. I mean look at the way he spelled apalled (apauld funny dude). If he\'s not kidding, well then he\'ll be destroyed. More Ass and Titties on grasscity from neurotic/insecure chicks makes me sohappy.
  13. not to be mean... but
    has grasscity hit an alltime low or what?!?!

    i\'m sure all you guys are loving this, but jeez... this is not the way to introduce yourself if you want to be taken seriously... and complaining about your large breasts attracting attention, well you brought \'em here for all to see... so i don\'t know what you\'re complaining about?

    i\'ve got big boobs too (not bragging), and i agree i\'d take smaller boobs any day! i hate the back aches, trying to find sexy bras is almost impossible, and comfortable?! sucks. going to bars and getting stared at from the chest down is pretty crappy too, so i keep the attention away by... well.. DEFINITELY not posting pics like this! haha :)

    sorry to dis, but sexygurl4u i think that maybe this wasn\'t the best way to say \"here i am\" with the boobs hangin\' all out. unless, of course, that\'s the image you want to portray? i won\'t judge you for the pic here, but don\'t expect me to smile and say \"hey cute!\" because i\'m pretty big on women being taken seriously, and being respected for WHO THEY ARE not what they look like. maybe i should lighten up and i\'m sure most of the dudes on here will agree. but man... this just shocked me!
    not every day you see a girl show herself topless to hundreds of people she doesn\'t know! maybe it\'s pride? guts? glory?
  14. Ganjaphish I agree with what your saying. I think things got to rocking a little too fast. To many of us MEN have eyes and minds. Well even though I\'m a male, I think things got out of hand!

    For anyone that I have offended by my responces, please forgive.

    This is a marijuanna site and not a porn site. I guess we moderators made need to show respect for the women of this board and move this type of topic to \"Padora\'s Box\" or maybe just delete it.

    Give some feedback if you will!

    what city are you in?

  16. I don\'t necessarily say \"delete it\" but man, I just didn\'t expect this kinda stuff in the \'city, and I personally don\'t... like it? Not dislike it, but ehh OK whatever, it gives me a nasty taste in my mouth. but... that doesn\'t necessarily mean it should be deleted altogether.

    critter made a good point on another similar post about how not everyone\'s tastes are the same here. but yeah, this is a marijuana site, and this wasn\'t necessarily in the \"porn\" category, she posted a pic with her boobs hangin out which might not have been intentional, and then a pic of her.. mostly clothed body, but it got pretty... \"nice boobs\" real fast, especially since the point of the 2nd pic was *just that*.

    i guess i just love you guys so much i didn\'t think there were pervs on the site ;) j/k we all have needs!!!

    but i def. say keep it in pandora\'s box... i mean \"everything goes\" in this forum, so can we really edit it? and if girls want to get more attention posting pics of their bodies than by their intelligence/personality, then they can do it here. but don\'t mind me if i ramble about women\'s rights and how we have fought for years, decades, centuries, to be known for who we are and not what we look like. everytime i see something like this i feel like we\'re taking steps backwards...

    i know that sounds extreme, but it\'s how i feel, and an important issue to me. sorry to rain on your parade, but it can\'t be sunny all the time! :)

    i\'ll try to keep my nose out of these posts from now on, but i\'d be curious as to what prompted her to do this, as her first and second posts.
  17. tell it tell it sister !!! i couldnt have said it better my self !!! it is very berating to us! ganjaphish you are so in tune thank you !!!!! its so sad to see that we realy havent evolved enough to know ther is so much more to us than t & a have you ever seen any one drull over a strong woman who knows who she is,& can think for herself !!! it is sientific fact women women perceive and think w/ both sides of our brain when men infact can olny perceive & think w/ only one side of their brain , therfore we bare the children that should be enough proof right there!!! good spirits to ya girl!!!

    bud head thanks to you to i like what you said !!!
  18. Patchoulie, You are very welcome. I don\'t think the intentions of our members are to turn this into a porn site. Men just get overwehlmed (sp) by a pic of a lady with equipment.

    I myself have been divorced for a few months now and i\'m looking to find a nice woman to share good years with. I\'m not looking at boobs though. I\'m looking for personality, and some one who enjoys the same things that I do.

    Peace to ya!!!!

  19. (First of all, Ganja, the whole boob thing is another reason to believe we were seperated at birth. This is getting to be cool!)

    I have been watching this thread progress and we are a pot site, not a personals site. I\'m sure the guys here are loving the tit pics and I\'m sure if some of us other girls threw our pics out there then you\'d love it even more. But the fact remains, that we are a community that concentrates on marijuana; it\'s growth, our growth, our stories, our philosophical views, our high-ass antics(that we really have been doing alot of lately) and our cool connections with one another that can be attributed to sweet MaryJane.

    The \"Want to know what bothers me?\" thread explains what I think of this one.
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