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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SexyGurl4U, Jul 7, 2002.

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  1. Thats Me!!!! lol soryr i have no make up on......
  2. Welcome to the city. Nice picture.
  3. Welcome to Grasscity :)
  4. hello... give us a pice like the little pic u have under ur user name... thatd b nice lol! dont take me lol as a joke! lol
  5. nice first post

    and nice clevage

  6. it\'s so unfair, why don\'t I have any boobs!!! I guess I should of ate more chicken in my teenage years!

    Welcome to the city sexygurl...
  7. nice plants lol damn gurl u look good without makeup just think how ud look with
  8. omg, girl u so fine!!!!!

  9. ummmm..hey sexygurl what do you* think about smaller boobs!? lol....
    sry, just being silly me..

    nice picture :)
  10. i like small boobs :D
  11. Got my of a first post.....welcome to the city...

    Hey Mulli-Melli cheer up. Lot\'s of guys like girls with small boobs! LOL...

    Indeed woody...Indeed......I be

  12. rotflmmfaoticbadoaagboasursbmitcaiars well fed aintcha nubs?
  13. yeah, im still breast feeding
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA....ummm...i questioned the appropriateness of that comment before i sent it..but then i realized everything said here is, whethere in good taste or not, still in good that note....i bet you are....what?! your not curious what rotflmmfaoticbadoaagboasursbmitcaiars stands for?
  15. yeah, sorry sexygurl if we\'re being too inapropriate....


    rolling on the floor maybe making flatulent and obscene tinkles in concentrations being always decent of any animals going by or around sensual unexplained risky sneaky behavior meaning its too convenient and irrelivent at renewing slobs...
  16. HAHAHAHAHA.....its always fun to do this..havent done it in a while tho...(btw..what are those things such cuz they stand for something) means

    rolling on the floor laughing my mother fucking ass off till i cant breath and do of asphyxiation and get buried on a sunday until a radioactive spider bites me in the casket and i am reincarnated as spiderman
  17. errr uh ok, anyways sexygurl your lookin good, hehe bigger tits than my girl (DAMNBUTFUCKINGIT).

    do animals make nobby butter ungulating thumbs flicking upwards chunky kitten intestines named Ginger Implied Thompson?
  19. Hey, i thank everyone for their compliments. and as for other pics of like my icon. No i dont have ne LOL. Also for the whole subject about BOOBS (mulli_melli) , yea i like havin big ones but honestly if i had a choice i wouldnt have them. All they do is attract attention, that isnt needed. ya know what i mean? THey also cause back probs, which i dont have,but i know ill end up with, considering their still going!!

    Also what did....rotflmmfaoticbadoaagboasursbmitcaiars mean ?

    Heres another pic for you all, if u want....
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