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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rhythmatic_chic, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. hey, my names Linz, i live in nevada and california - i go back and forth ever couple months. im 18 years old and a part time student. im also a volunteer for programs regarding abused and battered women and also low income or homless families. im currently a full time pothead as well. i like to take long walks on the beach... hahaha, just kidding! i would rather hop in the car an rub the peddle on the highway. but anyway... i hope to talk to you all at some point and get to know some one on here. have a good one!
  2. Welcome to the city!
  3. Welcome to the city.. Enjoy yourself.
  4. Welcome to the city! :D
  5. Welcome to the city. You can have a bowl and sit read and type awhile. you should fit right it. :)
  6. welcome to the city!! it's a great place i'm sure you'll enjoy yourself!
  7. Welcome to our little home on the 'Net. Spark one up and hit the boards! :wave:
  8. W E L C O M E, hope you find use of this site i know i did........ and can some1 please tell me how to put emotions in the text.
  9. Welcome! Where in cali do you live?? *sparks a bowl*
  10. thank you everyone for the welcome!!

    for the guy who wanted to know how to add emoticons to the post, im sorry, i cant help you. i dont know how myself. anyone else know?

    for whom asked me what part of cali i live in, Sacramento. right now im staying in topaz nevada though :(

    later guys!!!
  11. pfft so cal > nor cal :D
  12. hey man, what area in so. cal are you in? i have so much family down there and tend to spend the entire summer there. ill be down there this year too in O.C. and huntington beach.
  13. How do ya feel about older fulltime potheads. I drive a donation van for a battered women's organization here in So. Cal but to my knowledge there are no potheads full or part time in it, would like to relate.
  14. san bernardino valley. umm...chino hills to be specific. but yeah. I hang out in fullerton alot cause alot of my friends go to school over there.

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