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Discussion in 'General' started by Eazy Ian, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Sup fella's, just by lookin at me, how old do you think i am, and how much do you think i smoke.

    -eazy ian

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  2. id say you could be 15-20.... id guess 17 though.

    prob smoke about 1/4 a week?
  3. well you must be 18 or older soo i duno :)

    as for the smokin part.. u look like you smoke at least 2 grams a week... just guessing hehe
  4. I have read the rules.. I know that I have to be 18 to be here. I am over 18.
  5. just cause your younger dosnt mean your not smoking as much or even more bomb ass nugz than you older folks. I would smoke veryday if my plants would produce FEMALES, lol.

    Anyways, i know 14 yr old smoking more killer buds than you would ever like to smoke.

    p e a c e
  6. Why so quick to say that? Why would you even start flaming, i can tell already you need to smoke more pot to realize i am just stating facts. In no way am i looking for competition, i am who i am.
  7. i just smoked with a friend of min's younger brother last night... the kids 12 gona be 13 next month... i get to his house and hes just putting the finishing touches on an O' (ounce) he just wraped up into a spliff..... a fucking 12 year old :p hes stiill got a ways to go till he matches his brother's and my wrolling skills tho
  8. Thats preety sweet. I can roll, i love to roll.
  9. No offense but you look like your 14
  10. Is that your birthdate at the bottom of the picture? Looks about right ;)
  11. Yea. well im just wonderin where you guys live, and how long you all been smokin.

  12. Use the search button at the top of the page.. There are many threads related to this!
  13. good call butt head

  14. :D
  15. Hey, this is Zach, Ian's friend, who are you?
  16. id sayyyyyyyyyyyy

    16 1/2 and u smloke about a gram a month.

  17. uggghhhhh....beavis...huh hu huh hu..... :)


    it could have been like beavis and buddhead.........
  18. yeah holy shit..thats a lot
  19. Id say 19. Im 19 but people mistake me for being 16. It really pisses me off just b/c.

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