this is me.

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  1. I'm vulgar, I'm real, I'm honest. I don't look like barbie but I sure do smoke like marley. I prefer bongs and blunts. I'm fuckin' bipolar.

    But overall I'm nice. So what's up? :)
  2. Welcome to GC :D
  3. You sound a lot like myself, you'll fit right in..though your bound to butt some heads if thats true;)

    Welcome to the City! Bless:smoke:
  4. sound like me
  5. Hi Stoney.
  6. Welcome to the city, you'll fit right in haha.
  7. Hi hon! Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    My Mom was bipolar, and I'm just a touch moody. :cool: I'm fairly quiet, mousy, quietly rebellious, and believe in the truth! Which brings me to the truth about cannabis! It is FAR more than "just" a way to get high! :smoking: For a preview of what I do, just click that first link in my sig!

    That's just the little, slightly outdated version of my List! :eek: To get the new version with its expanded section on bipolar, send me an email (bottom of my sig!), or PM me yours! You will get an 840 page long List of links on the cannabinoids and how they heal! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Granny :hello:

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