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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by malu scooter, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. hello everyone, i just thought that i would jot down a bit of an intro, b/c i am new to this thing. but rock on, this whole concept kicks ass. i have been smoking for 3-4 years, i hope i never ever ever stop. i love all my genious ideas when i am blazed. the other day i decided that fruits like apples and oranges that people make pipes out of should evolve to have a carb and a bowl hole, and generally resemble a smoking utensil. hmmm... its the future, i am telling you all right now, its going to happen someday.

    i have a question though, what should u do when you have smoked a good variety of bud, adn out of a lot of diff. types of pipes, bongs, blunts, joints, and it just doesn't get you blazed until bowl number 6,,, even if i give it a few days in between... any ideas?

  2. Welcome to the city!!!

    Maybe you need to take a break for more than a couple of days to lower your tolerance again (I know, how scary!)
  3. HIGH All, have fun in this great City malu tolerence is HIGH and have to smoke at least two in the morning and by bedtime alot of joints have been smoked and can't wait till morning to do it All over again...An abuser yes...but hey it's my lungs. As a matter of fact I'm going to smoke another right now. I have this Bud I saved for a friend who never made it. Sorry for rambling malu is what we do here *LOL*
  4. Welcome to the city.......

    Tollerance works different on people.. Some can take a few days off and others may have to take a month or more.. Depends on the amout you smoke and what not!
  5. Welcome to our home on the 'Net!!! I'd suggest breaking for a week or two, or you could always just buy higher potency pot if it's available in your area... :)
  6. THE VOTE IS UNANIMOUS. apparently i will give it a few days. i am upto to right now, but it is the 4th of july, so it is my american duty to smoke up tonight. i will just smoke way more than usu.,,, and tell myself that i am going to get screwed up. thanks again.
  7. How about a nice July 4th supertoke?

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