This Is Me Leaving My Fiance

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  1. My fiance and I have axed the domesticated relationship.
    We have 3 kids.

    I want this thread to help me stay planted to the ground in all of this, and for all of you touching in, participate if you want. Read and laugh, enjoy or look away, but I have to put this out there somewhere, as it's happening.

    We're about to split ways, Her and the kids are going to Her moms and I'm going some-place that obviously isn't there, a friend invited me to stay and when you lose your home and family in a separation, you take any open door. We'll be about two hours away from each-other in the aftermath.

    Any questions? I don't really think this shit is going to be interesting to any of you but if it is, maybe we'll get this rolling.
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  2. These situations are always hard with huge swings of emotions and wanting to blame someone/something.

    Be civil. Dont be the one playing the blame game. Think of the kids.

    You will be fine but you will have to go thru the grieving process.
  3. Sorry to hear , this surely is not something i wish to happen to any family. However shit happens in life happens.
  4. It's not been easy.
  5. I have a friend in your shoes. And I always remind him to be the cool dad no matter what, And with kids until there is set up times try your hardest to be with them if she is against it.

    Fight for them.

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  6. as they say suck it up buttercup. do whatever it takes to make sure your kids know they are THE priority in your life. no more baby mommas taking what time should be theirs. it will be hard but you will never regret a minute spent being DAD. IT IS NOT THEIR CHOICE to be in this situation.
  7. damn dude sorry to hear that.
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    How did we get to this point my friend.

    Edit: Sorry to hear this, divorce is a terrible thing when you have created a family.

    Double edit: lol didnt read that right never mind about the divorce.:smoking:
  9. Look on the bright side, at least you didn't marry her! I've been here myself, the only advice i would give without knowing the full situation is to be there for your children, create nice memories and take some time to get back to yourself as this shit is stressful. Also go out and spread your dick far and wide.

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