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this is me is this you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. hey, havnt actually posted a thread of my own for so long, cant be part of the community just

    smoked quite a few bowls.
    quite a few bongs.
    quite a few...

    wonder If I spelled that right...SJ you need a spell checker on these
    specially for those who com eher all tokered, and try to type!
    Its horrible, there just too much energy in your h8igh body and it needs to be exerted somehow, so if your not blabbering about how the weed you smoked last night tasted similar to pizza, high rambling, then typing out a long pointless rant ;) but only the stoners find the true meanings ;)

    well, the bowl wont smoke itself, enless my iquana gets tokered on his own..he likes weed ;D

    lets see if anyone can get the hidden message out of the title of this thread btw....come on..someone show some philosophy. digit, I know you can do it, lol :)
  2. i don't know what any of that means.... but i do know that i have some damn tasty ice pops.....:)
  3. god damn I want a Klondike Bar, like a bitch,

  4. its not me it is you.

    :( unfortunately. ;)

    do i get a prize?
  5. you get a free Ounce :)


    though you got it wrong, its just a jumbled mix of words, has no meaning really, just wanted to bring out the creativeness in you
  6. cool man... send that ounce over and i'll be able to stick on the T shirt and toke infront of the police station for... "dion" was his name? yeah.... y know what i mean :D
  7. lol :)
    thx digit, makes me happy ya still remember that.

    that whole experiance really made me see how the police system works. Its all been forgot about now, the whole thing with dion. thats what the police do, they do somthin wrong, cover it up, and people are suspicious and want to know what REALLY happened, but eventually they just forget about it after its out of the media and there are no new answers, and the police get off scott free, thats exactly how it worked.

    I wonder why I used to belive in the american justice system.

  8. aw, the goodbar ones are killer. peanuts and carmel nougut icecream omg omg
  9. let it be known

    this night, at 7 15

    the founder of beaver lick church
    the holder of excalibong
    etc, etc, etc, all of that unnecessary shit that goes along with being me

    i ate my first shrooms


    its now 3 oclock and im still happy..very introspective right now...and i feel them coming into my bowels.

  10. its all about waking up the next day......abs sore as helll...... from continuously laughing all night while tripping out.... its the greatest...

  11. WOOHOO! yay! real happy for ya norm. wtg!

    u gonna share what your first trip was like? i'd love to hear about it in the first trips! thread in philo section... we getting quite a nice little collection in there now. :D heehee.... i feel like such a spammer. :rolleyes:

    *goes to choich*

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