This is kind of personal but I find it spiritually relevant.

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    Proverbs 17:9-10 comes to mind:

    9 “He who conceals a transgression seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates intimate friends.
    10 A rebuke goes deeper into one who has understanding than a hundred blows into a fool.”​

    A fool would have justified himself, and said, “I knew you weren't going to use them, because you told me.” I am no fool, because I understand the truth of verse nine. Any time I didn't tell you about things that I had known were wrong, it was because I sought out nothing but your approval. I know where this leads. The truth in the second half of verse nine revealed itself to me as I lived out my nightmare, one in which the very act of seeking love turned on me and cut me deeper than any physical blade. Verse ten describes this separation of intimacy, which is finalized by the rebuke of those from whom I have sought to be loved by. It explains how painful this rebuke has been for me, the transgressor.
  2. i believe you shouldn't seek love as when you do you can be blinded by your search and your mind become clouded and your decisions muddled. it also makes you expect, you should expect nothing and you will have everything.

    i believe in meeting people and knowing them and understanding them and if they give me that feeling and i give them that feeling then let us share our feelings as long as we may endure.

    my advice to you is reflect and understand what happened and why it happened, break it down and go to the source. we shouldn't dwell hopelessly on things but rather come to an understanding of them. not saying you are or aren't lol
  3. I like to refer to this kind of deep cut as an empowering conviction. I know that I do not need to dwell on it but I need to change certain behaviors, and I am empowered to do that by my own conscience.
  4. this makes me smile like dis :)

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