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  1. Its kind of sad, a mass majority seems extra-happy about the death of Osama, that isn't the attitude the US should carry? What are your opinions. I am basing this off a simple 1000 facebook users, all posting stupid things. And news channels talking about it. Ok, we got the dude... What the fuck is next?
  2. hes a terrible person and deserved to die, but im not celebrating his death and it deff didnt change anything that has happend over the past 10 years.
  3. Honestly I think it's just something for the nation to rally to. What else do we have to be proud of lately?
  4. this is what americans are thinking, " oh ya thatll show him... yawoooo!!!!" his followers are thinking " we hate americans even more, they are so stupid they dont realize our entire way of life is based on destroying them and we dont give a fuck about dying....."
  5. ^^^^^

    Were not retarded, we know there intentions and the great lengths they will go to achieve them. peeps are happy because we killed the leader of the 9/11 attacks..... its not rocket science
  6. ya and im stating that it didnt do shit except waste our time . my statement wasnt rocket science jeez

  7. Osama wasn't a threat to just the United States. He was a problem for the entire world and the United States solved it. I still think celebrating it is stupid though. What the hell was going on in the minds of the people dancing in the streets?

    meh some people are just stupid I guess.
  8. So we shouldn't be glad Osama is dead?
    So your saying you support terrorism?

    I bet your mad that we stopped hitler and hung saddam.
  9. eh i feel the same way, afraid to admit it in a thread for about 100 people that would feel differet
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    Same here. Its the dam people with there 'you shouldn't be glad someone died' bullshit lol.

    Guess what, im glad the guy that led attacks that killed my country's people is dead!

    USA! USA!

  11. i shouldnt say this because i cant cite it. i heard us has killed like 100000 people over there compared to their 3k in the twin towers
  12. ..osama was not the cause of 9/11.
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    Well. Shit happens. Jk lol.
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  16. Yeah, it's kind of sad. Kinda makes us look like heathens. I don't know why, but I wasn't shocked, happy, anything when I found out. It was just kinda like, "Oh really? Wow...okay, so now what?" I'm not gonna celebrate someones death.
  17. seriously wwjd?

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