This is how we gonna legalize it.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Dipsouth420, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Have a million man march, and start a new revolution. Like when African American's wanted equal right's. Well us weed toker's want equal right's to, on being able to buy pot in store's just like alcoholic's can get there fix in store's. We need to think of something radical, that will grab the goverment's attention. And slowly start legalizing.
    B/c imma keep smoking regardless so they'd save tax payer's money bby imprisoning pothead's, and just go arrest murder's and terrorist and shit you know?
  2. yes. theres more than enough of us. A massive march will be a big leap
  3. Well then let's stop talking about it and get it organized!

  4. but im to high....thats problem number 1 potheads are to lazy lol.
  5. Haha the thought of some random guy on marijuana forum starting a million man march seems funny to me. But hey it can be done!
  6. hahaha this dude is as high as hell. right on.... if that parade comes down my street i will fuckin tag right along
  7. power to the
  8. Ya that is the problem. Most potheads are too lazy. But think if you join the march it will actually save you energy. Once its legal you won't have to run from cops lol

  9. hahahha nice... lazy ass holes. im not lazy. that would be one bad ass march.
  10. If someone set it up, I would definately do it.
  11. It could be done. All the tokers I know would do just about anything in the name of legalization.
  12. This is a good idea. What if we organized a march starting from the DEA headquarters to outside the whitehouse. I'm sure if the idea got promoted enough people would show up. Sometime right before the new bill about marijuana legalization is voted on or maybe 4:20 next year would give enough time to organize.
  13. Oh, and another thing. There are probably lots of people who if they heard about a protest march would think, "I would go, but washington is to far away". If people couldn't make it to washington they could organize a march on their respective state capitals on the same day. That would make it recieve wider media exposure. A massive march on the same day in every state and the nation's capital would get some attention.
  14. wow that is a sick idea.. Imagine a million man march in all the 50 states on 4/20? 50 million ppl marching for weed. I would join the march if it was in my state..
  15. id join in
  16. the world march proposal is a good one, but I think we should march on Washington. In smaller numbers in cities we can easily be dismissed locally but when a million or more people march on the nations capitol, I think the legislature will be more apt to pay attention. I can make the drive for a weekend to do that... in a heartbeat!
  17. If anyone can get this going for real, it'll be Mr. Allen St. Pierre from NORML. There are more than enough of us on here to help get it going, only problem would be funding and money for gas to get there. Personally, I'd be able to make it, along with all of my friends. I'm sure we would all pitch in for gas, pile in several vehicles, and sleep in a tent if we had too. Heck I'm sure we could find someone with an old bus or something. Heck if it gets serious, I'm sure there would be sponsors, and some major ones at that. I'd hope at least.
  18. find out how the million man march started and follow their strategy.

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