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this is how it goes...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. drip..


    (continue dripping sound effect until you get the point that something is dripping, that something that is dripping is a fluid, to be more specific, it is a chemical, and to get a little more in depth, that chemical is THC...AND ITS RUNNIN RAMPANT IN MY smell bud wafting through the house..hilariously

    i smoke out my window..two windows down is a fan pulling air in from outside...smoke filled air out my window, smoke filled air in the kitchen window..MWUAHAHAHA

    dads gonna wake up with a buzz, blowin shotguns in the dark, hark the herald angel sings, glory to the newborn me, ive smoked alot of weed in my day man, and im only 19 years old man, i think i need to slow down man,what the fuck for im gonna quit when im 21 man, for right now im saving partying for the weekends man, get drunk and high on friday, get drunker and higher on saturday, smoke cigs and bud on sunday, go bust my ass at work on monday man, get in my truck and drive to the house man, sit there for a minute, shit shower and shave man, use the sweet smellin shampoo man, DRUMS IN MY EARS..faaip de oiad tool rocks man, then i get in my truck and go to get Smoky man, then we get some bud and smoke that i go home, get on here, then go to bed man...wake up tuesday morning, go to work and bust my ass again man..come home, go to bed man...wednesday get up, go to work, drink lots of coffee to stir myself from ritualistic weekly hibernation, then smoke several blunts after working my caffeine tweeked ass off until lunch, then generally bullshitting on a full belly after lunch, then i go home, shower man, and go smoke plently o blunts, or chill at the house, such as i am doing this evening man.thursday..dont remember thursdays for some reason man...and then THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY...immediately after the whistle blows im off to the hallowed hunting halls of jagermeifter legend, but NOT before i get a nice two blunt foundation going...two blunts, half a pint of jagermeifter...lots of chilling....two more blunts and another half a pint of jager and im blasted...then i rest.

    im going to leave out the rest of the time..because from 8 or so friday night man, im fucking blasted man..until about 3 o clock ,monday morning.

    field trip, thats some time with me.just dont forget the laughing..lots of laughing if your around me, and lots of chillin..gotta chill out if your chillin with me. thats all

    i seek 3
  2. :rolleyes: :D
    nam nam nam. what are we to do with you?

    encourage you!


  3. chips ahoy calls the marijuana pyromaniac namron_420s
    i need some milk..
    milk and cookies

  4. i need some milk too...
    milk and wheetos. mmm.

    its one of the few things i can manage to shove a full portion of down my gullivver without an lungfull of cannabis prior.

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