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This is hair-raising!!! READ IT

Discussion in 'General' started by Finn, Jul 8, 2003.


    First Patriot Act was secretly written and senators were forced to accept it without knowing what it contains. Second Patriot Act has been secrectly planned out already, but this time someone leaked it's contents to the public.

    I know most americans have the concentration span of a chimp on speed, but you better take the time to read this carefully. It sure will affect your lives, as well as the rest of the world that USA is bullying.

    "The second Patriot Act dwarfs all police state legislation in modern world history."

  2. hey finn...lets try and stick to bashing governments not individuals.. If you were mature and realistic about this you'd already know that the majority of America's citizens are in disagreement with their government, and if i werent mature about this i'd say fuck you....but i wont
  3. WTF Nubbin? I posted a serious post about how Bush is seizing dictatorship, and you ignore the real issue and blame me for bashing americans?

    Was it the line "most americans have the concentration span of a chimp on speed" that pissed you off? Look no further than grasscity, when someone makes a very important post about world events, and that post has more than 20 lines of text in it, it will get about ten replies half of which will be americans who complain it to be too long to read. Then somebody posts a message about "Beaver Lick"-church and that post gets over 1300 replies :D Tells you a lot about their interests and priorities in life.

    Get over your sensitivity and concentrate on the real issue. Besides I didn't make the post to bash america, I made it to alert americans as well as others to what the fuck is happening soon.
  4. I agree what finn said is american (not america) bashing, but nonetheless it is true. As long as Joe Sixpack has his load of Budweiser in the back of his SUV on his way home to watch the game, americans will be content in lockdown inside their own homes.

    Also, for all you patriotic americans who are so closed off to think that only people outside the law are being targeted, such as us weedheads, you should look at what's going on in other sectors of lifestyle. Check this article which has some relevence.

    In the name of security a man is stripped of his pilot's license with no evidence presented as to why in the name of national security. As i see it his case is a "toe in the water" by the government to see how america would react to the gov't carrying out such plans to strip us all of rights.

  5. yes it was the line "most americans have the concentration span of a chimp on speed"...good job at pointing out the obvious....secondly I fully understand and fear the consequenses of the patriot act especially since i will be one of those most directly effected by it. Im not overly sensitive at all Finn, but let me ask you where you're from? Now can I start posting ad hominem all about you're country?....All i meant by my post was to point out to you the fact that as soon as you begin with the low blows people are automatically going to become think thats how you're going to get the message out?...don't think so.. and as I quote you "I didn't make the post to bash america, I made it to alert what the fuck is happening.." I'll take that as meaning you wont mind my editing out your post that does the exact opposite of what you just said...bashing of americans, and not america, if you had said that Bush had the attention span of a monkey.... I wouldn't have cared, but instead you attack the common citizen, and thats complete bullshit finn.
  6. I agree with everything Finn sed except for that idiotic generalization he made. Many Americans are stupid, as are many of the people all over the world. Saying people are stupid and have short attention spans in general is flat out wrong; those are things prohibitionists often say about pot smokers.

    And another couple things, many Americans are apathetic to the travesties that are going on in our government right now, that's a given, some out of ignorance, and some out of necessity as they have their own shit to deal with. It's hard to start a revolution when you're struggling to feed your kids or worrying about being arrested for one of the thousands of things they can throw in in jail for.

    Plus, compared to most animals chimps have amazing attention spans. :D

    But all that aside, the Patriot Act does scare the shit out of me, I remember reading about things like this when I was younger and wondering how people could ever let it happen. Now I know that most don't let it happen but simply can't or won't believe that it's happening. Too many want to think that our government is infallable, when this happens fascists reign supreme, and when you add an element of fear to it people start to do crazy things.

    Some of us who are dealing with our own shit will wait for it to blow over or blow up, the others (like me) will fight to bring this era to an end.
  7. Nubbin, I'm from Finland. Hence my nickname. I wouldn't mind at all if you would say truthful negative things about my country. I would have made such posts myself already, if I had thought that anybody in grasscity would give a flying fuck about what goes on in Finland.

    I want to keep this conversation on the real issue, the Patriot Act II, but I still defend my observation about americans. There are some brilliant minds, like TooSicks, but most....I don't understand how they have ever graduated from any school. Like recently I read some woman's post where she said her husband is from England, and he gets often questions like "Where is England? Is England in London?" I used to live near an apartment complex for retarded people when I was a kid, I'm sure almost all of them could have pointed out England from world map.

  8. I don't know where you heard that but I've never known an American over 4 years old that didn't know where or what England was.

  9. Really? From what I have seen and heard over the years, I have begun to suspect that world maps must be illegal to possess in USA. So many americans have no clue about world geography, not even the most basic things.

    And the amazing level of ignorance goes to other areas as well, like I saw one guy who was asked why Abraham Lincoln didn't give speeches on tv, and the guy replied "he wasn't good looking". So many americans seem like they never went to any school.
  10. Ok this has gone way over board... We will all admit, not everyone is intelligent enough to open their mouths, unfortunatly, we cant stop those who are not from doing so.. This started out with good intentions, though maybe it could have been started a little better.. that is not the point.. This is why no one ever stands up for our rights.. we're so busy bickering over bullshit commentation that no one gets to the REAL issues. If you wanna talk about your opinion of the American people fine, if you wanna bash each other about it, fine, but dont drown out something we all need to know about with your petty pissing match please?

    P.S. We just need to overthrow our government...

    Who's in?

  11. Count me in...and WaterLillyFairy? I think you're awesome :D
  12. That's sweet... though I'm sure lots of other people hate me.. it's ok too.. :c)
  13. Guys shut up about the American bashing, go read that article. What's in that article is far more important than arguing over what someone you'll probably never meet said. Is that article for real? It is some SCARY shit!! I'm left with the question, what can I do about it..
  14. Yes, let's keep focused on the Patriot Act II.

    Seems to me that this world situation has only two possible outcomes in the long run, either freedom fighters will soon nuke 10-20 biggest american cities and USA will collapse, or the world will end up in endless tyranny by a rich ruling elite, without any possibility to revolt. With all the effort put to develop new spying gadgets and the new legislation allowing to spy on anyone anywhere, something has to happen soon or it will never happen.

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