This is funny! (to me at least)

Discussion in 'General' started by Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam, Jan 23, 2001.

  1. I am not having a toke untill Feb. 5th !¡LOL¡! if you knew you would laugh too.I doing good so far but I've only been sober for 2 days AND HOLY FUCK I'M READY TO PULL MY HAIR OUT!sorry just getting kinda edgey....

  2. why?

  3. I'll get 200 hundred dollards if I can do it, of course I would cheat but...damn piss test...

  4. i dont think i could do that
  5. I'm going to go at 2 ounces thou...SMOKE TILL I SLEEP BABY!The ounce doobie will be rolled the night be feb.5th I'm going to light that bad boy up and take the biggest longest tokes I have ever SEEN!I'm going to do buckets with one of those calligan jugs and the bath tub just put the oz doobie in the pre-made hole in the top and holy fuck it's going to be a choke toke everytime which is fine by me!

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  6. i wonder if they just harvest the penis, or they kill and eat the whole dog?
  7. How's the non-smoking going, Wish?

    Just thought I'd ask for an update!

    Peace [​IMG]
  8. thats a long time to keep sober... i guess its worth it for the money. good luck, man!


    [​IMG] HighasakitE [​IMG]
  9. I got extremely baked this weekend oh well whats an ounce anyway?I chipped in with 4 other friends and did the superbuckets (that's what we have come to call it) 1 full bucket took up almost quarter of the ounce joint and holy fuck!They were great, 1 bucket would do 4 or five tokes. had a few drinks too... [​IMG] Just cant wait till the blood test hehe

  10. Wow dude...take one of those fat tokes for me... I'm dry at the moment [​IMG]
  11. It was for the hell of it in a way, I made a bet wit my mother that I would be able to not have a toke for that long... at least I lasted to da weekend LOL


    the bet was if I was to make it then I would get an ounce from her or $100 but if I didnt then I have to give her a ounce... I did on that sunday...
  12. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

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