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This is Fucked up!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IowaPotHead, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. TOOL's "Pushit" (Try to read the whole thing).

    I will choke until I swallow...
    Choke this infant here before me.
    What is this but my reflection?
    Who am I to judge and strike you down?

    But you're
    Pushing and shoving me.
    You still love me and you pushit on me.

    Rest your trigger on my finger,
    bang my head upon the fault line.
    Take care not to make me enter.
    'cause if I do we both may disappear.

    But you're pushing me,
    Shoving me. Pushit on me.

    Slipping back into the gap again.
    I'm alive when you're touching me,
    Alive when you're shoving me down.

    But i'd trade it all
    For just a little bit of
    Piece of mind.

    Put me somewhere I don't wanna be.
    Seeing someplace I don't wanna see.
    Never wanna see that place again.

    Saw that gap again today
    As you were begging me to stay.
    Managed to push myself away,
    And you, as well.

    If, when I say I may fade like a sigh if I stay,
    You minimize my movement anyway,
    I must persuade you another way.

    There's no love in fear.

    Staring down the hole again.
    Hands upon my back again.
    Survival is my only friend.
    Terrified of what may come.

    Just remember I will always love you,
    Even as I tear your fucking throat away.
    But it will end no other way.

    Well thats just what i think.
  3. well, that the first time i heard n e 1 say that. Honestly i'm a little ticked off because tool is one of my favorite bands. But ne way that's your oppinion. i'm pretty sure that people on this forum that like tool out number those who don't. If you want a group that sucks, listen to ICP. I'd much rather listen to a Britney Spears CD than listen to ICP. ICP fans can attack me all they want(i know there are a lot on this forum) it's still not gonna change my mind.
  4. ha... well I'm with mike :p theres only like 1 or 2 songs i like from tool but i could live without em

  5. Yeah whats with all the ICP fans on this forum?
  6. i don't see what he is saying is fucked up.. it's a pretty good song. :D "Honestly i'm a little ticked off because tool is one of my favorite bands" lol.. as though you had -annnnnything- to do with the making of the music/band.. there's no reason to get ticked off.
  7. dat's right mother focko icp is the shit but hey i respect your taste in music its cool i like tool to

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  8. I've never listened to tool before, and ICP sucks..

    theres my 2 cent... hah
  9. I like tool. I really don't like ICP. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions.
  10. TOOL is awesome, ICP I could take or leave.
  11. haven't heard much tool. but what i have heard, i'm fairly indifferent to.

    haven't heard much ICP either. but what i have heard SUCKS!

    for those who haven't had the displeasure of listening to that cacaphonous aural torture

    ICP is the audio equivalent of eating a giant scab peeled off Roger Ebert's ass and washing it down with a maggot milkshake (extra thick, extra chunky).

    anyway, if you don't agree...

    you're wrong.


    -the Infrequent Ninja
  12. ^
    that was very.... descriptive...
  13. ICP/Tool don't sound as good as me plucking my ass hairs.

    Here's some more creative lyrics for you.

    By Modest Mouse, Heart Cooks Brain:

    Slow walk
    It's land mine
    It's coal mine
    It's a bad thought
    On the way to god don't know
    my brain's the burger and my heart's the coal
    I'm trying to get my head clear
    i push things out through my mouth i get refilled through my ears
    i'm on my way to god don't know or even care
    my brain's the weak heart, and my heart's the long stairs
    Inland from Vancouver shore
    the ravens and the seagulls push each other inward and outward
    inward and outward
    in this place that i call home
    my brain's the cliff, and my heart's the bitter buffalo
    my heart's the bitter buffalo
    we tore one down, and erected another there
    the match of the century: absence versus thin air
    on the way to god don't know
    my brain's the burger and my heart's the coal
    on this life that we call home
    the years go fast and the days go so slow

  14. bastard, i was gonna post the same thing...:D

    i think icp is worth brainwashing garbage... but again thats just my opinion....

  15. Ditto.

    How could one HATE tool though?? I mean dislike is one thing, but hating Tool seems 'unhuman.'

    Who I hate the most are the untalented 'rappers' out there that have millions of dollars b/c they can rhyme a few words here and there. They don't make any music, and they have little to no talent whatsoever. Most should still be working at McDonalds. I guess many shitty rock bands, or any other type of band, could fit into this category too, but the genre of rap sticks out like a sore thumb.
  16. see thccrystals understands me. those are my thoughts exactly. oh yeah i heard that song by ICP "Homies." are they serious with that shit!!! that song sucks so much ass i can't even comprehend it. if you're gonna listen to rap listen to ludacris or something. BTW has anyone seen that ludacris video "stand up." dude i was so stoned when i saw that vid. the part where he had that gigantic shoe had me rolling on the floor laughing. lol
  17. What is there you don't like about TOOL???


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