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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by weeddog, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Wusup can yall tell me if one of these is a mj plant. I bought the seeds of the internet. I only put one seed in each cup but three poped out so iam trying to figure out which ones are the good stuff.

    P.s: each pic is a different cup there are six of them.

    First one

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  2. second biaach

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  3. third little divel

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  4. Number 4

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  5. fifth mamcita

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  6. last one (number 6)

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  7. first one isnt ganja. and the rest are blurry. check peoples grow journals
  8. Some of your seedlings look like it. The other ones are nothing even remotely to marijuana.
  9. Yo wehie ones are the one that look like weed

    P.S. what is ganja
  10. ganja, pot, grass, trees, herb
  11. Alright first one aint mj so wihch ones are
  12. also, why do you have more then one plant in a single cup?
  13. He only planted one per cup, but 3 plants sprouted out of all of them.

    Mj comes out with 2 ugly round leaves. Later on 2 more leaves will emerge they are single point leaves.

    Then 3 points leaves will come around.

    Then 5 point.

    (And up to 11? Possibly more points on a mautre plant).

    .... post some cleared pics and I'll try to help you more.
  14. Heh, I think this dude got taken for his money. Just buy them from Nirvana for your first grow...reputable source, and cheap prices.

  15. *removed....there's no name-calling here at the City *RMJL

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