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This is for all you New smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ammonia13, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. OK, im not trying to sound like a ass but new smokers. please please please stop druleing all over the joint get the spit off ur lip and take a hit right and dont leave the paper wet. I hate that shit soo mutch cause i was smokeing with this guy and had to tear a large part of the joint off cause it got sooo wet from him... so i was like no more joints. We went to the bong right i was like problom FIXED wrong he slobberd all over it he gets high and drules. This happens with every new person i introduce weed 2. so yea just letting you know please make sure you dont get ur joints and bong wet it pisses people off

    sorry for the spelling. stay :bongin:
  2. Almost all newcomers do it, I don't mind. They'll learn. :smoking:
  3. yea ur right im just letting them no lol :D that people hate that shit
  4. lol, i wish i drooled when i was high...its a lot better than cottonmouth.
  5. "Kiss" the blunt, not deep throat, haha.
  6. Wish I could've mustered enough spit when I first got baked.
    The most common problem rookies I've smoked with had were canonballing the bowl. Resulting in a loss of the weed and anger.

  7. LOL!!!!

    if u find a person that smokes cigarettes, before they smoke weed, maybe it might not happen.
  8. sometimes ill share a joint with someone and theyll sog it up to the point where smoke cannot pass through it. its disgusting.
  9. Ever wonder like what the hell is going through there mind as someone that use to smoke in smoke circles of 4+ i know i would feel so akward if i had ever wet the blunt with my spit, honestly your basically ruining what everyone just put money down on becaus you can't control your damn mouth
  10. I must be a pretty lucky guy since I've yet to encounter that problem.
    All my friends must be stoners.
  11. stupid newbies! >:0
  12. Were you smoking with this guy?


  13. THATS HIM:mad:
  14. I roll my lips into my mouth over my teeth when I take a drag, so the joint never gets bummed.
  15. Over here in Scotland my brother and I have been devising a new language and what newbies do is JJ a joint. Honstly, this guy we knew, JJ must have licked every part of the joint
  16. One time me and a bunch of friends were smoking out of a zong at a barn, and this one kid was just nasty. Instead of putting his lips inside the top, he put the whole top it in his mouth. You could literally see the drool running down the inside. I thought he was gonna overflow that thing! haha I still hit that shit though :smoking:
  17. Wtf i woulda hit the kid lol :devious:
  18. My mum did that once LOL, I was like "Dude put your lips INSIDE the bong, you're takin' a rip not givin' it a blowjob." :p I was already high by this point though, LOL.
  19. Fuck ik, I always tell them to stop making out with the joint

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