This is fo' real.

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenJo, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I know this probably doesn't go in this thread, but I saw a guy on this forum that bought some of this stuff....... Be careful, blades. :smoke:

  2. if thats real that really really sucks. why would anyone want to do that to a fellow stoner?
  3. It makes the weed look very delicious. It gives it 'crystals', but the wrong kind.

    edit: Which lets people sell dirt-weed like dank.
  4. thankfully i know where mine is grown at.
  5. I dont believe that shit. The name of it is gritty weed...common
  6. I saw this on the news a while back had a 20 year old guy on an oxygen tank which he needs for the rest of his life.
  7. It really is out there, bro. Just know what you're doing and you'll be fine. I don't know 1 single person that would sell that shit to me. I'm not best friends with anyone that sells, but I do know them. Just be smart. The general warning, I think, is for the higher kid-populated areas. I don't know though.
  8. Any dealer or grower serious in their work would never put that in their bud because they would lose clients because theyre coughin up blood when they smoke their bud. I think MMJ states are the ones who don't have to worry as much as the other states.
  9. I call shenanigans.

  10. I think you are exactly right. The south-east is probably at high-risk.
  11. This is definitely happening, but I hadn't heard of it happening in the US yet. It was pretty exclusively a European thing, especially in Britain. They've been using ground up glass and silica to add weight. If you think it's gritty, try rubbing the bud on a mirror. If it scratches, don't smoke it.
  12. Just google 'grit weed'.

    Check out this video:

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  13. I'll still look out for it and ill put theword out to my friends. I just know if any dealer gives me that shit ill shove it up their ass
  14. Yeah, dude. No doubt. Shove it up there ass - to say the least.
  15. Its been in Europe for years now bro.

    Sadly its just another reasons the war on Drugs is not working.

  16. I second the shenanigans!
  17. That sucks, dude.

    Thankfully, I've got a good amount of weed now that'll last me a few more weeks, and I've smoked it already so it's fine.

    But now I'll keep my eye out for 'em.
  18. wow this is terrible and scary. wouldnt you be able to tell when you handle the buds?

    who is doing this growers or dealers? i would never do that. thats so fucked up....

    but when you break it up/handle the bud you would be able to tell i think
  19. There was a guy on GC that posted earlier that said he cut his finger when he was breaking up his bud maybe he got some grit weed. He also said that some 'Trichomes' got into the cut and stung pretty bad.

    Ahhhhh! The grit weed epidemic of the New Millenium!!!
  20. Probably the "wholesalers", because they don't have to deal with the individual customers.

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