This is extremely dangerous to our democracy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by well highdrated, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Ever wonder why so many people sound like they all have been watching the same show?

    Use multiple sources to get your information and then draw your own conclusion. Every media story is one-sided.
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  2. It's a very curious occurence for sure.
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  3. I've seen this same thing before, over a year ago. It does make me want to ask the obvious questions like how, why, who, what to do. I don't know em, but good thread. Simply watching mainstream news sources will lead to biased influences one way, side, or another. Comparing information and finding factual information from as non biased of a perspective as possible, is again, obviously a better route for an information getter, and again possible.
  4. That's the result of TV/radio deregulation which began in the late 70s.
  5. All the news outlets and many major companies and subsidiaries are owned by just a few huge proprietorships. This goes back to the Rockefellers, Vanderbilt, JP Morgan, etc.
    They have never left the power play. They write laws, buy politicians and they just give you the illusion of variety. But it's all part of the same narrative, written by them.

    Just some examples.


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  6. Sinclair Broadcast Group
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  7. Kinda like global warming lol

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    Of course this is accurately reported though lmao
  8. Who the hell believes there is a real democracy?

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  9. This is what democracy looks like isn't it?

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  10. The perfect thread for this item...
    Like a fox — how a TV channel is tearing America apart
    "A little over 20 years ago, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes concocted a profitable way to tap into the white supremacist ideology still bubbling below America’s surface."
    "They started a “news” network that, instead of providing actual news, gave white, conservative viewers the news they wanted to hear: that they, their families, and their values were under attack by minorities, gays, women, liberals, socialists, Muslims, atheists, the media, etc. — and therefore their biases were justified."
    Like a fox — how a TV channel is tearing America apart
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  11. I don't always watch RT America but when i do it's nice to see Michelle... Just the 1st 15 min. or so gives insight into the Hong Kong protests.... One of their super wealthy elite has been mixing it up with both of our political parties (if you still believe there are 2) and it appears we have a full on cold war with China being orchestrated by Empire and the warmongers who serve it. Very interesting if true and i have no reason not to believe it as it's sponsored by Russia in part or whole... (serious here, i trust some countries more than ours)
  12. Race bait

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