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  1. .. was a great movie! DL it or rent or something, but it was a very powerful film dealing with racism/racist skinheads in the U.K. If you liked Am history X or like ska, check it out

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  2. Wow man, that looks really good! I'll see if I can torrent it while I'm out.
  3. Nice find, I'll definitely see it.

    I like genuine skinheads - they're a fun group of people.

    BBC did a documentary called "World of Skinheads". I have never found another copy online anywhere, but I have it on my computer. I highly suggest viewing it.

    It explained the origins behind it.

    If you search it on google, the second entry is a post *I* made about it -- go figure! I'd start a torrent, by my ISP has threatened me with copyright violation lawsuit.
  4. "Do you consider yourself English or Jamican?"

    Damn great movie. I enjoyed it very much.

    Oh yea, Woody's girl is fucking HOT! Skinhead girls are one of my weakness haha. Chelsea haircuts are too sexy!

    But really, I hang out with many Skins and I can tell you they're one of the best people you can ever meet. Treat each other like brothers. There's nothing like rolling down the street with a pack of Skins or just kicking it and pounding some brewskies with them.

    P.S. Fuck Boneheads!
  5. I agree with you, but those Chelsea haircuts are.... interesting.

    I like my women with a full head of hair.
  6. Haha yes it really depends. Some girls just don't cut it with those haircuts. It works only on those select few.
  7. I still have a soft spot for girls with mohawks.... must be a leftover from my teenage days.
  8. Haha I was recently dating a girl who was sporting a hawk. She knew how to fix it looked great on her.
  9. I believe that this movie was ripped to xvid by aXXo, which of course would be the highest quality.
  10. i'm sorry but theres no way i could watch a whole movie with nothing but british accents...
  11. I saw it a while back. It's pretty decent.
  12. look for subtitles. I hand to look up some slang british slang words from the 80's to know what they were talking about in some scenes

    but I watched it the whole thing w/out subtitles and it wasn't too confusing for a boy from new york
  13. too confusing? You guys must be dumb. That movie was easy as....the easy button. There's nothing that really doesn't make sense or you haven't heard before. I'm from NY and this movie was easy and enjoyable.

    Also, I just can't understand how people can't watch a movie because of their accents or some shit. Even subtitles. Subtitles are such taboo to some people. People have thrown out completely amazing movies just because it was subtitled. Pan's Labrynith for instance was disliked by some people because of the entire fact it was in subtitles. Watch the movie and the fucking plot. You'll probably like yourself a bit more..
  14. you are too fucking cool man, I wish to be like you in the future
  15. ive been trying to see this for a while. thanks
  16. There is a dvd rip on TPB.

    I won't post the link because it is not allowed.
  17. yup, axxo is your friend
  18. axxo is amazing, nobody knows who he is, but he he is a true pirate:hello:
  19. I have to admit.... it's me.
  20. Why is there a black guy in the group of 'racist' skinheads?


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