this is creepy lookingg

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  1. Snake with foot found in China


    Snake with foot found in China - Telegraph
  2. Ok wait, look at the snake, there is clearly something inside it where the leg is ... I'm suspicious.

  3. I thought the same thing, but the article says the lady beat it to death with a shoe (what a bitch) and preserved it with alcohol (smashed into a container?), so I'm thinking it might just be the bones broken in an odd way.
  4. man imagine if a snake grabbed you with it's little hand!

  5. yeah thats werid looking but it might have somthing to do with the deformation

    this could be true too

    thats what i was thinking..... shitttt :eek:
  6. I would love to have that as a pet...
  7. Here's what I'm thinking. The snake swallowed a Caiman or something, it was too big, and its leg popped out, but the snake managed to be kind of healed before it slithered into the ladies house where she made up the rest of the story because it's China and then she put it in a jar and there it is!
  8. I dont think so, the leg would have decayed by then and the design of the leg matches that of the snake's. I think it's a legit mutant.
  9. Haha, those silly Chinese fuckers.... :hello:
  10. whatever it is i would hate to see a snake clawing its way to me with a giant arm
  11. Naw.
    Of course the reptile leg matches the snake somewhate, they are reptiles from the same region! And I"m saying it happened quickly, as in the woman found a dead snake in her home, she didn't beat shit. There was no snake clinging to the wall. That little leg wouldn't support the snake's weight anyway.

  12. I'm gonna side with you on this because you have a more interesting theory. :wave:
  13. I mean you can see something VISIBLY in the snake at the same place. The simpliest answer is usually the answer.

    I mean they have a name for snakes with legs ... lizards. ;)
  14. Whoa. That looks gnarly. I don't know what the honest explanation behind it is but very interesting none the less. Good find.
  15. The hell? It looks like it's flipping me off from beyond the grave.
    Is there a possiblility it's a hand that was in a fist, and it started to flip the bird to when that person started to hit it with a shoe?
    It's saying "Fuck you, I'm special! I have a claw coming out of me. Don't kill me!"
  16. Possibly. Or maybe this lady fed the lizard to the snake, killed the snake, brought it to the operation table, made a tiny incision at the point where the lizard was, pulled one leg out and Vuala! She got herself a daisy fresh snizzard!
  17. Some snakes have what appear to be remnants of legs in their skeletal structure. - Snake legs that walk no more

    I suppose some people believe they evolved to not use legs.

    Some Christians use these findings to back up the story of God punishing the serpent for deceiving Eve. the serpent defying God by sprouting legs?
  18. You know there is also a lizard, that has no legs. I used to study reptiles and amphibians but i cant remember what that lizard is called. maybe it just grew a leg.
    And yea that pregnant part near the leg is fishy looking, i cant trust that completly....
  19. All I'm saying is that THAT snake has something inside it's belly.


    And see what a snake looks like after eating?

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