This is bullshit.

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  1. People actually believe this Osama bullshit? He's alive and smoking a blunt in the bahama's while stroking his beard. Bullshit. He probably died a few years back. It's all a game, haha. Threw his body in the river? Are we in a fucking movie?
    We have abused and we have murdered the soul of this world. We are being led by a mass delusion . We are being fed absolute bullshit. Brain washed through television, internet and video games, the media and the our leaders have taken us down to complete mockery. We come into this world as an audience and then we fulfill our roles in the games of this dream we have created till finally we die and leave no lasting impression. Where is our desire to achieve wisdom? Why are we not seeking divine knowledge, the ancient enlightenment. This can't be it. We are born and then we die, maybe the only thing we leave behind are children and wealth? What about the truth? The truth about time, eternity and the unseen. We need desperate healing and guidance.
  2. i love what you said man, but i gotta say
    its the perpetual circle of life(bullshit).
    were all getting assfucked, cumming out of a huge dick then getting cummed back into an asshole again.
    one big
  3. Agreed. All the world's a stage...
  4. Ugh who cares. We probably know 1/5th of what's REALLY going on in the gov't so why freak out about specifics? Don't waste your energy bro
  5. [ame=]YouTube - Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered[/ame]

  6. This, we as humans have lost the ability, or say lack off ability too "care" to do these things.

    Basically we're lazy, we're going to end up having machines do everything for us, because we simply DO NOT care for anything.

    Something that's have me amazed is when someone dies. You see it on the new's and your expression is "aww how sad blah blah" in reality you don't give two flying fucks about said person and your just an egotisic slut who needs to get off the fucking couch and do something with your life.

    This is us, and we are slowly rotting away. I hope two killer nations decide to go at war and nuke eachother , it would atleast give us a reason to fucking live our lives.
  7. I guess I am way behind in life because I thought this fucker died back in like 2004-2006 wtf lmfao.
  8. earlier today i was like yeahhhh wtf dumped in the ocean? bullshit. but the only motive to bring this story out (if it were old/faked) would be for political reasons, and the republicans would have brought it out before now to win in '08 or some shit.
  9. If youre going to make a thread like this, you should back up what your saying with hard evidence. If hes still alive, show me how u know this?

    I'm actually intrigued and wouldn't mind being proven wrong because i believe yesterday Usama Bin Laden was killed exactly how its being reported.
  10. Then you probably also believe that America wants world peace and Santa brings you presents at christmas.
  11. I stopped believing in Santa when i had proof, something u still haven't provided??
  12. :laughing:

    Everything is a conspiracy!!!!!

  13. Is that a conspiracy of yours?
  14. the word conspiracy is fucked yp
  15. i don't believe you.. i want proof!

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