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  1. I was watching WWE last night, while I and this comes up.

    [ame=]08/09/2010 John Morrison's Entrance - YouTube[/ame]

    I think I might get stoned and watch me some wrassling every week now :p

    Anyone ever watch WWE while high or at all?
  2. retarded roid monkeys humping and mounting each other in underwear. Are
    You gay?
  3. I used to watch wrestling when I was 12, back when it was WWF lol

  4. I guess so because on top of WWE, I watch UFC and Boxing too so problem? Come at me bro
  5. oh snaps he said to come at him bro, best be careful cuz he watches tv.

    wwe is gay man, its fine when you're a kid but as an adult its kinda trashy. i know cuz my brother n his friends still watch that crap, but they also watch jersey shore so obviously they like crap
  6. I will watch anything with violence in it. So if its WWE, UFC, Boxing, Hockey, Action Movies or Rugby. If it involves someone getting beat up, best believe, I'm there.

    Jersey Shore on the other hand is crap, I agree with that.
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    UFC and boxing are sports... Wwe is gay porn.

  8. How so? All of them involve half naked guys. Did a pro wrestler fuck your mom or something?
  9. WWE and staged wrestling still takes a lot of skill and there are still a lot of risks. And so what if it's staged? Just about every other program on T.V. is.. Wrestling fell off HARD though haha. Back in the WWF/WCW days my dad and I were addicted to it. I got a lot of great memories with my dad because of wrestling
  10. Yeah, it really did. I really only watch it now, when I'm bored and there is nothing on. Its fun to watch stoned too. I'm not as big as a fan as I was when I was a kid but I cant stand the people that go "WWE is for gay pedophiles, its fake and its gay" No Constructive Arguement what so ever LOL. Europeans say the same thing about Football and I hate that to.
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    Half naked actors in a small space mounting and hugging each other= Gay porn.

    Apparently you wanna fuck the gay pro wrestler.
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    Some guys don't like to watch other naked guys hug and roll around. But do you though.
  13. You sound very bright.
  14. People in UFC rub their bodies on one another just as much if not more. Is that gay too? (though I hate UFC, so you can say yeah and I wont argue)
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    If they get boners then yes.. if not then, no.
  16. Since they use steroids, they probably do have erections in those speedos
  17. its all about extreme rules... they use chairs and shit to brutalize each other...this is the best stoned tv. period.

    [ame=]John Morrison Vs. Tommy Dreamer Extreme Rules Match - YouTube[/ame]
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    The guys in UFC are trying to kill each other... Wwe actors are playing out a script witch involves them rubbing and mounting each other=gay porn
  19. wrestling was actually cool, but this new WWE kiddie shyt is stupid. john cena is the top wrestler, when he has some of the most basic ring skills ive ever seen. wtf

    [ame=]WWF Attitude Era Video [1998-1999] Vol.1.flv - YouTube[/ame]

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