This is about the pursuit of happiness.This night? Is about the American Dream.*PICS!

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  1. So there I am. Woken up at 7:30 in the morning to the thumps on my window. WTF? I look outside and who do I see? My homegirl W. Ive noticed she has a bag of cookies with her... again I think... WTF? So I let her in and it turns out they are cannaflour cookies with 1 gram of mids in each. (Pics dont really show it but theyre actually green!) She gives me two and I smoke her out. I can already feel its gonna be an epic day so I start snappin pics... :smoke:

    So she's on her way to school, and I figure we should smoke and walk because I have to stop at another friends house anyways. We smoke 2 joints, I thank her, she goes on her way and I arrive at my friends pad. He's got a game of poker goin on with 3 of my buddies. They ask me if I want in for 2 bucks and I say sure why not. He gives me a beer for free and matches a bowl out of his brand new little bongo. Long story short I end up winning 10 bucks and by the end of the game Im completely gone! Those fuckin cookies hit me man.... :bongin:

    Before I left I purchased an eighth of some dank ass bud (dont know the name sorry). It is light purple, lots of orange hairs, sticky as feezy, and smells like God's Vagina. What a score. I paid 40 bucks total and he even threw in an extra .3 ! (Pics are from cell phone and they do not do these nugs justice...) :cool:

    So now Im walkin home. Eighth in my pocket. High as can be and a little buzzed from my tall keezy. I got the munchies lika motha fucka! I figure Ill use my last 5 bucks and get a Little Ceasars pizza. Turns out I was like 50 cents short so I couldnt get it. :(

    Im thinkin duuuude, Im just gonna buy one of those pizzas you bake yourself... So I walk across the street to Save Mart and get one. Im totally chinese eyed paying for pizza and this hot ass cashier is lookin at me funny... kinda akward. So i gtfo and its just like a dream walk all the way home.

    So I walk in, sit down for what seems like an hour (5 mins actually) to get my high flowin all the way again. So I turn on the oven and preheat that bitch, throw that shit in and relax and enjoy a bowl as I wait. Thought it wouldnt be that great but it was awesome. Shit turned out perfect. I literally ate the whole thing pretty much and now Im sooooo stuffed! ;)

    So in conclusion it was pretty much a perfect day for me. I was on a t break for about 3 days so yeah. Im about to kick back and watch the weeks episodes of The Daily Show with John Stuart on my DVR. I also got The Hangover and Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure so Im chillin pretty much. Im not tryin to kick it with hoes, homies, or anyone! Just kick back and let it hit me, well thats my idea of a chill ass day, hbu GC? :gc_rocks:

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  2. I can dig it.
  3. sweet dude glad you had good day, hope the good fortune keeps up. this is my first day day of not smoking after two and a half weeks of hash, candies, and all sorts of goodness, but I'm gonna break open another mason jar come monday and start it all over again. :hello:
  4. Thats like a dream chill day. I want in :smoke:
  5. Sounds like you had a good day.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day (HD)[/ame]
  6. That is the American dream.

    In the game of life, you cannot win. You can only have small victories, and my brother, this is one. +rep:smoke:
  7. you drink beers that early in the morning?
  8. Who doesn't? Is the real question.
  9. I dug it.
  10. nice buds man :smoke: and the bubbler :bongin:
  11. Cool stuff man...

    It could have been better if you had a picture of the hot ass clerk.

    Still, very good.
  12. Sounds nice man If I was you I would start sunday night... :smoke:

    Haha nice jam it used to be one of my favs and I forgot about it til now

    100% true my brotha!

    Lol that shit would have been funny to just pull out my phone and take a pic of her all surprised lol maybe next time :hello:
  13. Here's what I like about this thread.

    It's REAL, and the OP put so much effort into it. Pictures... stories... descriptions...

    I like this kind of thread.

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