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this is a stupid question i'm sure

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by happy tree, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. hey, i'm relatively new to the smoking scene as well as the grasscity scene, and ive been reading lots of threads and every once in awhile Salvia is mentioned.
    my question is, what exactly is Salvia? i know its somethin you can smoke and it gets you "high" but not like weed. and my other question is should i buy some salvia off the store on here? is it worth it?
    you guys have any experiences to share?

    thanks for all your help in advance!

    P.S. sorry for being such a noobie :(
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  3. Never tried it but from my understanding, Its legal in some states, (here in Rhode Island it is). It tastes gross and puts you through an insane high, much different and more intense than weed. Its expensive I know. It only lasts like 5 to 30 mins. I hear that when your coming down from the high it sucks b/c you get tired of something.

    Dont know how you get it on but it somthing I would like to try once before they make it illegal. (They want to in the future I think in RI)
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    salvia divinorum is a plant that has strong hallucinogenic properties. the effects of salvia vary and only last around 15 min. if you smoke the extract for the first time you "must" have a friend with you while you are on it. you can buy salvia extract from some head shops in the U.S but most states are making it illegal to posses because of stupid shit kids do when they are on the extract. make sure you are in one of the grey states in the picture below this is where salvia is legal to posses. the darker red states means that banning salvia is in consideration but is still legal.. be safe and enjoy


    red-Banned by law dark red-Ban being considered yellow-Sale to minors prohibited dark green-Prohibition to minors being considered
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    Salvia isn't illegal in texas. Otherwise there are a few headshops within a block of my university that need to be raided...

    The only restriction now is that you must be 18 or older, which is a damn smart move.
  6. nice, it looks like it's legal in CT which is good news for me. i think i would like to try it sometime just for the experience then see how it goes. but from what i've read/heard it doesnt sound like people would prefer it over weed or anything.
  7. Well dude ive tried x60 salvia for my first time, and let me tell you, whack that bowl twice and PUT IT DOWN. DO NOT DRIVE and smoke salvia. Its a quick trip, about 5 min or so but, i questioned reallity after smoking that stuff. Its fuckin nuts! Nothing like weed, when you smoke weed you get high, when you smoke salvia you basiclly start trippin, and the longer u hold it in the longer you trip and the harder it is. It was really funny to see a 6'6 275lb dude just completelly zone out into the t.v. half was into passing the bowl to his gf. He isnt one to make things overzelous in the least, but when he snapped out of it, he was like ..."dude this stuff is fucking nuts...i was just in that 70's show, i was in the screen looking out at you guys". I was like DAMN, you need to stop hittin THIS peace pipe man haha your scarein me. Moral of the story, be in a safe spot, dont drive for at least 30 min, and if you have never hallucinated before get ready for a little preview.
  8. Its a very nice high. Make some tea. Be careful, the dose is almost impossible to nail down, and once ingested, you pretty much have to " ride it out "

    Put on the Doors, and loop over and over, "Riders On The Storm" Ha, good stuff.:D
  9. thanks for all the tips you guys i really appreciate all your help :D
    i will probably try it at some point in the near future.

    any tips on where to buy it though? should i buy it online here?

  10. Ya buy it online its prolly cheaper than in stores, i paid $60 for .5 grams, but it was x60 and the most potent ive seen yet. It was some kinda name like Purple Sticky Salvia.
  11. thanks for the help bro :)
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    2 places that sell good stuff, gaianbotanicals (personal choice) and bouncing bear botanicals. Look them up. Careful with purple sticky, because they use two different numbers. They have a confusing AtomiX number which is a lot higher than the x extract level. 20 atomiX is like 5x or something - pretty misleading. Try 10x or 15x for your first time. Usage of a bong + torch lighter HIGHLY recommended.

    Remember, this isn't weed - you have to hold the hit in for 30 seconds or until you forget that you took a hit, whichever comes first.

    How do you know if it's working? You trip HARD. Many people completely forget who and what they are, let alone where they are. I forgot I was a living thing and felt like I shared consciousness with the matter of the room, i felt like I knew what it was like to be an inanimate object. There's a salvia buzz and a salvia trip, but there is no reason you shouldn't be able to trip with 15x if you follow my directions. Take more than one hit if you're just buzzing or using a regular pipe and lighter.

    A dark, stress-free environment highly recommended.

    Very few people like salvia, but that's most likely attributed to them not knowing what to expect or being forced to take it. You have to make the decision to smoke it on your own, and don't worry about what will happen because it lasts 10minutes max.
  13. hey man, go with the 15x but if you really wanna get the effect, like dj said use a torch and a pipe, smoking a j or something like WONT finish it before your mind starts to trip HARD. Ive only done it once with a friend who neither smokes pot or does drugs and he did it because its legal, and dude i gotta tell you...ive never taken acid or shrooms but it was like NOTHING ive ever done was surreal, im talkin like reality check every 20 seconds and if something that stimulates ur mind, such as a tv or game console, is in the room you will become TOTALLY entised and become part of the game/tv show, of course only until you snap out of it which i co-sign to dj in saying my trip lasted only about 5-10 min but holy FUCK did it ever send me for a crazy ride ive never been on sitting on my buddies love seat DANG!
  14. Salvia is a wonderful plant for spiritual exploration. I don't recommend it for recreational use; there are far better ways to have fun.

    This thread should be in Pandora's Box as it has nothing to do with cannabis use.
  15. i just wanna say ithink saliva is dirty and i dont like it dont hate im just expressing my feelings i tried it once in my car basically a waste of money rarely do ppl have good trips plus its liek anywhere from 20-100 for a freaking gram take that cash and buy some dank weed and call it a night bro :]
  16. salvia is chaos is plant form.
  17. yea man, thats exactly what me and my friend did when we first tried it
  18. A good way to explain salvia when taking a hit on the strong stuff (i.e. 40 / 60 x) is getting more fucked than youll be in your entire life within the period of 5 minutes and it being gone afterward.

    Be wary, it's good fun, but just because it's legal doesent mean it's weak, the strong concentrations will knock anybody on their ass and send them to a world they coulden't even try to explain, it's intense.
  19. Salvias wild. Me and my friend got some about a year ago with really no idea what it was going to do. Each took two hits out of a bowl with another friend there just watching to make sure we didn't do anything stupid. We were pretty much stuck on the back porch for thrity minutes with no sense of reality. I turned into the chair, and was just watching all three of us. It's a pretty wild experience.
  20. Salvia fucks you up. You get hella sweaty and uncomfortable. Like it's impossible to get comfortable on salvia and gravity becomes extremely noticeable! Personally, i thought it sucked and should be illegal where i live. It fucked me up pretty bad for a few hours afterwards even. It was awful, but i'd try it again...

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