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  1. i have this closet 2' deep 6' tall 6' wide(check out my other posts for pics), and a small cab for mommas and clones, the first plan was to use bubble buckets for the large closet. im gonna ditch that idea, instead of doing both veg and flower in one space, im splitting the closet in half. one side for veg with a 400w MH and one side for Flower with 400w HPS, and t5's in both areas. as well as CFL's. I want to do some sort of perpetual harvest, my goal is something like 4 ounces every 2 weeks. i have thought about SOG but im not a big fan, it seems like a waste. so im torn on what kind of grow schedule im gonna use...

    but my main question is which type of hydroponics method would be best for this size set up and this type of harvest schedule,

    Ebb&Flow VEG/ aeroponics FLOWER

    drip VEG/ Ebb&Flow FLOWER

    DWC (in large rubbermaid) VEG/ aeroponics FLOWER

    ^------i like this last idea so far the best. i hear that DWC promotes fast plant growth, and aeroponics is the most efficent way of feeding established roots when they are eating the most.

    i searched for the last two nights, if anyone knows of any posts. please inform me. or correct me if im wrong.

  2. why not stick DWC the whole way through?

    works for a lot of us,, less of a hassle too, less stress on your plants as well.
  3. Sheck out drbudgreengenes perpetual grow on this forum it may help u with a schedule and so forth
  4. I have no problem with DWC! I dont like the DWC buckets cause i dont think it uses space efficiently enough, considering I have limited space, thats a big part of choosing my grow method. I have looked at alot of grow journals, and that has helped.

    for my harvest goals, and space. what would you guys reccomend?

    1 vote for DWC all the way!
  5. ive done a shit load of reading, and when i went through everything i could find. i read even more. with my new found knoledge, i have finally decided to go with an aeroponic system. from start to finish. clones, flower, and veg
  6. yeah, what ever you chose, 1 system the whole way is best..

    btw, how does DWC waste space? seems pretty darn efficent to me. the only real space used is the buckets, but thats also where the roots are, so its not really wasted..

    anyway good luck ;)

  7. I can fit 20 plants in 2 rubbermaid trays split into veg and flower chamber and only 4 or 5, 5gal buckets in the same space. . plus, the less containers I have to do plumbing for, the better.
  8. dude DWC means DEEP water culture, dude just buy the deep rubermaid tubs. I know what your talking about and all you have to do is buy the deep tubs there square and deep great space utilization. FYI dont forget in aero in the flowering pros the roots dry easy, if you have a good dry evionment for flowering, just make sure whatever you buy or make holds the moisture in, in the root chamber.
  9. buy 4 18 gal rubber mades and cut 10 2" holes in em (or how ever many you can fit) then drop in your 2" net baskets and BAMO, DWC SOG!

    i dont see why this would waste space, sure your root systems are going to be tangled all to hell, but i bet its easier over all and you'll get some great yeilds.

    IN FACT, im considering doing this in my space.. or possibly a mutli scrog set up..

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