this is a real life story

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  1. I finished my latest intermission song called "the waiting room"

    check it out if you have time, let me know what you all think, thanks!

    ps: you cant say this doesnt belong her, cause its a real life story. :smoking::smoking:
  2. not a real life story, gtfo.
  3. ya not a real life story
  4. wtf? real life story?
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    We can say it's not a real life story according to the criteria for this forum :rolleyes: (there's a music forum)!

    I liked most of the songs you have there though. Do you only have 5?
    I could definitely listen to this sober or especially blazed, especially "NeverEnding Sky." Right up my alley.
  6. thanks for being the only one that didnt get all nazi on this.

    Anyways yea man I def have more , once I figure out the best way to upload all my stuff, ill let you know.
  7. thanks man
  8. I like it, what are you aiming for?
  9. dope..

    i like NeverEnding Sky

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