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  1. I bought this heavy duty Northface down jacket at least 25 years ago, which I still wear when it's cold enough outside. That was my first purchase from the clothing store that is the subject of this thread. I bought other items after that, from the same store. About 12 or so years ago, I forgot how long, maybe 15 years, they were open one evening and I tried to enter. There were mostly teenagers and young adults shopping, the store had changed from primarily outdoor gear to designer clothing for the younger customers as well. A guy at the door, who I think was the owner, asked me if I had an invitation. I told him that I didn't. He then said that it was a "private sale", by invitation only.

    I was dumbstruck, didn't even know how to respond, so I walked away. Are they actually turning away a customer, because I didn't have an invitation? I suspect that the store caters to teenyboppers and the owner thinks that they think it's "cool" to be treated special, and exclusive. Well, my money is the same color as theirs, and this is New York City - if they don't want my business, there's plenty of other stores that do.

    I never went back to shop there. They have a yearly sidewalk sale, and a while back I told one of the employees about my experience, how I had been a customer of that store when they first opened, and later, but they turned me away because I didn't have an invitation. He was surprised, and apologetic, thought that this was wrong of them, advised me to tell the owners, and suggested that maybe they'd give me a discount or something, to make up for it - but I'm pretty sure that the guy who refused to let me in that day was the owner.

    I know that they don't give a fuck about losing one customer, but I can't be the only person that feels this way. What's amazing is that they're still in business.
  2. So many things Id like to say....

    Oh So Many !
  3. i hate those types of people aswell.
  4. damn i thought you had a sweet retro northface for sale.

    i hate stores with bad customer service. im stubborn enough to never go back even if i need to lol
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    Well why don't you? Do you agree with me, or was the store owner correct in refusing to let me enter the store?

    The employee that I spoke to during their outdoor sale, a few years ago, also said that they should have made me an instant member of their preferred customer list, or something like that, and let me come in. I surely would have spent some money if I had been treated decently, instead they lost a good customer.
  6. fuck em' dude, like you said you're money's good elsewhere. If that's how he wants to run his business he has that right, and you have the right to spend your money on clothes at some other store. Fuck that guy!

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