This is a male right? (pics)

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  1. Hey whats up everybody. Today I was at my grow site with a pair of scissors to cut down the males. The problem was that I had a hard time differentiating and wasn't completely sure. Because I made all the effort going to my grow site, it would seem unproductive to just leave. I knew it was a very low chance that all four was female since they came from bag seed. So I cut down this plant which l thought looked the most male. I am new to growing, can one of yall more experienced people help me make sure this is male?

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  2. You should of waited. There is no known way to tell if its male or female untill your into flowering.

    Those things you are showing in the photos are found on both male and female plants.

    It is impossible not to know if you have a male or female as well. A male will generate tons of little sacs all over.
  3. I thought those in the first picture were sacs. On closer inspection there probably just new branches. Fuck.
  4. How long can you wait before the males pollinate? I wanna make sure to wait as long as possible before cutting down any more, but I don't want to risk the chance of the males pollinating the females.
  5. They can pop there sacks the same day as they grow them man, check out the link there are pictures of burst sacks and growing one's that will help you identify them.
  6. Can't tell. To early. When sexing I recommend MH light. When using the HSP the plant seems to enter flowering and doesn't stop.

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