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Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. "Waking Life"

    See this movie, guys. I'm not joking, this movie (especially if you are a philosophical person) is so fucking brilliant. I saw it tonight and it was like a wave of epiphanies one after another all night. The movie itself is tripped out to the max, like-if i watched it on shrooms I'd probably puke due to the intense animatory hallucinations. Basically it's a series of conversations, and each character is supposed to represent a's not overt, its not educational in the traditional sense or anything, but if you know the philosophers you'd probably figure it out[but it almost doesn't matter].

    Some kinds of knowledge are like popping the cork of a bottle of champagne. The first revelation washes over you, and immediately your mind goes in that direction so quickly. This is the popping of the cork. At this point, the bottle is now OPEN. There is still a whole bottle of champagne, a whole infinity of thoughts and potential understanding-popping the cork was just the necesary first step. Now you can drink from the bottle what you will-that is, now that the bottle is open, now that your mind has been opened and focused, you are free to drink from this source. By becoming aware of the world as it is, and not merely as it appears, not merely as it is told to you, you become able to lead a more fulfilling life.

    Seriously blades, I think this is now my favorite movie. If anyone has any faith in my opinion, just go rent it-its at fucking blockbuster for fucks sake ;)

    Bottom line- I promise you this movie will pop your cork.
  2. lol, I can accept that, as long as you all promise silently to rent this movie.

    edit-your silent promises echoed throughout my mind and I appreciate it
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