This is a hermie right? (Was feminized)

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  1. I ment I read somewhere that if you stress a feminized plant enough / make it hermie, you will get only female seeds, as it dosent have any X / male gene's.

    Whats your take on this?
  2. The seeds will still have the hermie trait that the mother had.
  3. if you polinate a female with a hermie you wil get fem seeds
  4. Not that its any better, but these plants look like straight males, i cannot see any female flowers in those buds. Perhaps your seeds were not feminized variety? Or maybe im just not seeing the female flowers that are there.

  5. The pack atleast says feminized he he :). Anyway, I have about 40+ plants, and
    only 3 or 4 are showing signs like these, the rest are just hairs and hairs.

    I should cut these down asap I take it?.

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    Cut them down for sure, its very odd that your seeds are throwing these type of plants. Are these your top branches in the photos? Or are there top branches that have female flowers? I have heard of feminized seeds throwing straight males occasionally but not 3-4 out of 40, more like 1 out of 100.

    Did all the seeds come in a singular pack? Or were they in seperate 10 packs? its possible one pack was mis-marked.
  7. defiantely looks like a male
  8. ok, to make stabilized feminized seeds want to use the most stable moms as possible ...that you DO NOT have .. anything you make using that plant ...will just continue that line of hermaphrodite's..and you next set of seeds will hermie quicker then this set..get it ?

    when breeder makes feminized seeds they only use ( or are supposed to use) the most stable of "the stables"..and the trick is to extend the flower period to induce the plant to hermie, or to use chemicals to make it happen ...but to never ever use t plant that hermies before it is done flowering...

    hope that helps...

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