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    I am challenging YOU!

    I challenge you to do one TENTH of what I do virtually every day to get cannabis legalized!

    GC has 643,149 members! :gc_rocks: (Yeah, I know not all are active members, but there are still MANY. like you, who are! ) GC could be a "sleeping giant" when it comes to activism! And it's time to wake up!

    How much longer do you want to wait for completely LEGAL cannabis? Let's say just 1 out of every 100 members takes this challenge, that means over 6,000 new people all working toward a common goal! (What would a pile of 6,000 pro-cannabis letters to Jeff Sessions look like? :eek2:)

    I want you to get your copy of my list and start using it! You can get it here-
    Granny's in the news!
    Or you can email me at stormcrow(a in a circle) (Don't forget to change the (a in a circle) to an @) That will get you on my mailing list and gets you free updates every 6 months (and NO "viagra spam"!).

    So what did I do yesterday? I educated myself by reading several medical studies. You can, at least, read a couple of news articles each week on the medical uses of cannabis. You just need to run "Medical Marijuana" through any news search engine, or check out the first section of my List.

    Saying "Pot is good for all kinds of sicknesses!", just doesn't make it! Saying "I just read in WebMD that cannabis lowers your risk of Alzheimer's and may even slow its progression!" is far more likely to get a person interested in learning about cannabis. And once the medical facts about cannabis become known, the need for full legalization becomes obvious!

    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's (news - 2006) Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's

    I educated others by commenting in the news at Yahoo. (Heaven knows, they NEED educating!) The comments I make are like these from yesterday's article at Director of drug abuse institute offers words of caution on marijuana

    "I also have arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, too. I make my own pain-killing cream with cannabis! It is very easy to do. You need one of those little coffee cup warmer hotplates, about a third of a cup of vegetable oil (I use hemp seed oil & olive oil), a bit of bees wax ( the hobby or sewing store has it) and about an eighth of an ounce of cannabis. Heat the oil and cannabis on the coffee cup warmer in a flat-bottomed mug, and leave it on overnight. The next day, strain out the cannabis, and reheat the oil. Add a small chunk of bees wax and heat until the wax is melted. A drop of mint extract is nice to add as the cream cools. It's that easy to make your own medicine with cannabis!"

    "This might give her a clue! "Tobacco-Related Health Costs: $800; Booze-Related Health Costs: $165; Pot-Related Health Costs: $20 – Any Questions?" (Huffington Post, but based on Canadian government statistics)."

    And one aimed at Cindy-Bin, a die-hard, total nut-job of a prohibitionist, who types her "fingers to the bone", weeping and wailing about the "immorality" of smoking pot! She is really quite funny- in a sick sort of way! :blush:
    (And actually, she is S-L-O-W-L-Y coming around to a more reasonable mind-set! She now (grudgingly) admits that there IS such a thing as medical cannabis use! Progress is slow with her, but we (various activists) HAVE made progress in educating her! :hello:)

    "cindy, you STILL haven't answered my question. WHY is it "immoral" to use a healing herb, even "recreationally" when it reduces the rate of death by head trauma ("Marijuana use associated with lower death rates in patients with traumatic brain injuries" - eurekalert) AND also lessens your risk of Alzheimer's ("Cannabinoids remove plaque-forming Alzheimer's proteins from brain cells" - Science Daily). There is NO SUCH THING as "recreational use", all cannabis use is medical use- whether you like it or not!"

    I only made 11 comments/replies yesterday, since Fridays are kind of busy for me, it's the day I volunteer at the local dispensary to educate folks there! Not everyone can volunteer at a dispensary, but all of you can join a pro-cannabis group, or even just donate maybe $4.20 per month to one of them? (I bought my first little cannabis leaf pin at a NORML table set up at a 1969 San Diego Love-in for $3. I still have it among my collection of cannabis leaf jewelry.)

    I am going to write a brief email today to Sen. Diane Feinstein (I'm in California), thanking her for FINALLY coming to her senses about legalizing cannabis- although I will phrase it a tad more "sweetly"! :D I know she is doing it mainly for the votes, but I'll take any progress toward real legalization, even if it is for the wrong reasons! :coolalt: (I really had planned to do this yesterday, but ended up emailing a reply to my sister about some personal stuff, instead. Family first!)

    So how long has it been since you wrote a letter to a politician? :confused_2: They aren't mind-readers, ya know. You have to tell them what you think! (Keep it polite!)
    Elected Officials | USAGov

    Now, there isn't anything hard about being an activist. You can even keep a "low profile". I managed to keep working toward legalization while working at various schools over the decades.

    So how many of you are willing to put a little effort into getting cannabis legalized? :poke:

    Kids, I'm 70, and I'll be 71 in July. I feel and look good for a gal my age, but nobody lasts forever!:ladiegaga:

    And just like I was inspired by the late Dr. Tod Mikuriya's list of conditions to create my "Granny Storm Crow's List", I'm hoping I can inspire you to, in some way, work toward getting cannabis fully and completely legalized for everyone!

    With love and hope,

    Granny :GettingStoned: (Got into the hash again! lol)
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  2. I hope cannabis becomes fully legal one day. I think people should be allowed to grow it and smoke it without any worries about being arrested for growing it or smoking it. This would ultimately take away all the street dealers and crime.

    If people have issues with cannabis and they feel they can't stop using it these people can be helped as well because they will be taking it all into there own hands giving them there own responsibilities.

    The activism needs to be taken away from the weed I think granny and it need to be made peaceful and less of a taboo.

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  3. I think when it comes to big responsibilities like driving a car or operating machinery it's like taking medicine or drinking alcahol you have to know your limits and be safe imo

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  4. So just how do you think we got from where we were in the 1950s and 60s :cop: to where we now have 29 states in the US with some form of legal cannabis?

    Infographic: U.S. Support For Legalizing Marijuana Hits All-Time High


    That change didn't happen by sitting around saying "Oh WOW, pot should be legal! :passing-joint:

    A LOT of people worked HARD to get you the freedom to light up that joint without fearing spending the next 20 years in prison! :judge:

    If anything there should be MORE activism!

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  5. Well granny I'm not going to take the fight away from you just like I wouldn't take the fight away from my granny if she was doing all of this.......... But my granny isn't doing all of this. Lol......My granny was happy with a cigarette and now she's 80 and stopped smoking lol. My granny said when she was a young girl she used to buy a really long cigarette they sold back then and she said she used to have a little bit of it through the day. She's probably lying like grannies do lol

    I'll tell you what got me lighting my joint granny all the guys and girls before me who have broken the law to grow good weed and broken the law to experiment with weed getting the perfect varieties lol.

    Now days and like the past 10 years I've read weed magazines and have been very interested in the strains of weed people have gotten from around the world and the different strains that have been cross bread.

    And I'm very interested in the cannabis cup.

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  6. You guys want to know WHY cannabis is still illegal after 80 years?


    I don't even know why I bother!

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  7. Give 'em Hell, Granny! I believe you know that I'm solidly in agreement with you. The activism needs to be ongoing because we're not there yet. These new generations don't realize what a struggle it was in the formative years of the 60's & 70's. An arrest for a pipe would ruin a young person's life or a joint could mean hard time. That took those of us with bright futures completely off the map unjustly but one of the good things that came of it is that I don't have to be afraid of what they can do to me anymore and thus my activism.

    The penalties have been greatly reduced and for many I'm sure that the matter of cannabis legality is seen as a done deal that will happen soon. They don't realize that it still takes activists to keep the ball rolling. It has to be pushed through ballots and legislatures and it's not going to happen by itself. I live in a state that has legalized medical cannabis and it has made a major difference in my life. Get active and experience that difference for yourselves.

    My first NORML meeting inspired me to make my first trip to Acapulco to find the Golden Keys and I haven't looked back. vil-surveille.gif
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  8. Get PotHeads in every political race. Call out the other side on their Marijuana thoughts.
    We know that Pot can do much more than the "Laws" will allow.. Like save the Planet for starters...
    I plan on running in the next available position.. Maybe Prime Minister ....

    Let the Activists activate... NOW
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  9. Great thread

    Genius ideas

    Definitely need more of this

    I've had this on my mind for a while, nice to see the information being shared and open for collaboration


    And, at 71, your presence is highly valued
    :love: :Love-Plant::love:
    I know that you must feel strongly about defending this medical plant, which has drawn negative attention instead of receiving the positive light it deserves

    It's been a long fight, but progress continues
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  10. We are far from done here in Canada even with it going legal 01July2018
    There will be illegal smoke ins just like in the old days but with way more discussion and demonstrations.
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  11. The fight here in Canukistan will be going on for years yet until the plant is as free and without bias as tomatoes are.

    We're not looking at legalization. It's Prohibition 2.0 and in many ways worse that what we have now. Increased penalties, decreased civil rights and more money wasted on law enforcement when it should be the other way around. Put a corrupt cop in charge of setting things up and what else could you expect.

    It's a gov't money grab and a way to keep Harper's shiny new prisons filled up with Trudeau, the lying Libtard bastard, creating new laws to make sure they are.

    As Ms. Crow says, If anything there should be MORE activism!

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  12. Same in California, LabRat! The cops are still busting people, but locally, they are focusing on the Hmong, the Hispanics, the blacks and the whites, in that order. Of course, the Hmong do tend to "over do" on their grow ops, and grow a LOT of plants, but it sure looks racially motivated to me!

    Second gripe I have are the outrageous taxes. The closest dispensary (not my favorite) has a total of 33% taxation on their cannabis! My favorite dispensary in another town, has less tax added to the price, but it is still too dang much! What other medicine do we add a "sin tax" to? Not the opioids that are killing people. Not one other medicine, no matter how deadly or dangerous it is, gets a punitive tax like cannabis! And all the high taxes do is promote the black market.

    Looks like our politicians are proving old Milton Friedman (a Nobel prize winning economist) right! "if you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That's literally true."

    And the ecologically damaging packaging rules are another bit of reefer madness! Last week, I got some water hash and a quarter ounce. The water hash was pre-packaged in a glass jar which was sealed in a child-proof plastic bag, which had to be in another child-proof plastic bag along with the cannabis in another 2 child-proof plastic pill bottles! All of which will end up in a landfill eventually. There are no children at my house, so I have NO NEED of child-proof packaging! Couldn't we be given the choice between regular and child-proof packaging? The politicians are demanding that a safe herb be treated as though it were a deadly drug, and turn its packaging into an ecological disaster! FYI- My husband's last prescription of opioids were not packaged as securely as my cannabis!

    And those child-proof bags themselves! They are a heavy plastic with a slide that is difficult for some folks to open (especially seniors, arthritics and those with tremors). I have heard that some "big city" dispensaries are charging $3 to $10 for the bags. (The local dispensary, The Green Heart, is selling them at cost- $1) You can reuse the bags, but a lot of them get tossed along with all the other excess packaging.

    Now, the extra cost of testing cannabis for molds, insects, adulterants and pesticides is one area I AM willing to pay for! Last week, I ended up with some DYED cannabis - the dispensary got duped by a conman claiming to be an organic grower. ( I've "outted" him - see NorCal & Oregon - Contaminated weed warning! for the details.) And the worst contaminants are not easy to detect like food coloring! Shit like that should NOT happen! We NEED legalization to protect ourselves from "a-hole" growers who will cheat by dyeing, adulterating or out-and-out poisoning their cannabis to get a bit more profit!

    But we DON'T NEED all the greed and BS that our politicians are forcing on us!

    Restrictions on growing can price many people into being criminals! In my county, you need a solidly fenced area to put your greenhouse in, and there must be odor control and security systems. (Each of those would take most of my monthly social security check! So, I am now a "criminal" for my "very well-lit" closet with it's 4 little plants!) You are expected to call the local cops to come by and inspect your greenhouse (possible self-incrimination?).

    Also, in California, dispensaries can no longer legally give out free "Compassionate use" cannabis to those in need! So the poorest of us all, can no longer get free relief from their pain! Interestingly, DOCTORS can give out free samples of pills to their patients, but not dispensaries! (Some dispensaries are getting around this by giving a 99% discount, so a $25 eighth will be just 25 cents! Bless them!)

    Dispensaries are not legally permitted to make their own clones. All clones MUST be from a licensed nursery, and the dispensary is not allowed to feed or transplant the clones! So if they don't sell quickly, the clones will die of starvation! These restrictions will likely limit the number of varieties that are available. The "High CBD" or "specialty strain" folks may be unable to find their strains in the near future!

    That can be more important than you'd think. When I visited Wade, the discoverer of the "Harlequin" strain, he was rejoicing at having been sent a clone of a strain he thought was extinct. He said he knew a child whose seizures were lessened by ONLY that strain. (Visit Caladrius Network for more on what Wade and his friends do.)

    Between greed and fear, our politicians have made a "jolly mess" of legalization! It will take us years to get California's legal tangle of laws straightened out! But laws CAN be amended and changed, so if we keep at it, we can fix it!

    Each of you needs to speak up! You don't need to be out there protesting, "a-singin's songs, and a-carrying signs". :gc_rocks:

    Just write your politicians and tell them, politely, what you think.
    If you see some reefer madness in the comments section of a news article, reply and tell folks the facts!
    And above all, EDUCATE YOURSELVES!

    Granny (been in the hash again! lol) :wave:
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  13. I feel that consumers have been fighting this battle alone for way too long. Where are the retailers (the people who will actually make all the money that legalization will bring)??? They need to tell their legislators that they want marijuana legalized! They need to tell their Chambers of Commerce that they want marijuana put on the same legal footing as beer and wine!

    We should go to every smoke shop and gas station close to us and tell them that legal marijuana is going to make them rich and that they should be demanding the right to sell marijuana to adults just as they sell beer and wine to them today.
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  14. We should be doing much more than just sitting around and voting for laws, we should be getting up and running. Those of us with some limited political experience should run, start on City Consoles and work our way up the ladder as far as we can get.
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  15. PotHeads will strike back.

    I'm running for Mayor here in border town Osoyoos. B.C.
    My platform is to clean up lake Osoyoos using Pot.
    Just like the pot cleanups in Fukushima and Chernobyl

    With the Border crossing problems:
    I'll assign some Pot Warriors to litter the road near the Border with lots and lots of B.C. Bud.
    Everybody; not just the PotHeads will test positive at the border.
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