This Hitlery Clinton criminal

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  1. At least you don't use HuffPost or BuzzFeed lol

  2. As far as I know that could be a guy hired to write something then decides to bitch about his compensation or vehemently doesn't want trump as president so he takes an opportunity of working with him to slander the man
  3. Sounds like every Manager
  4. Get the author - Jennifer Rubin writes the Right Turn blog for The Post, offering reported opinion from a conservative perspective.

    He made half the royalties and advance. He claims that was a very generous deal, that Trump never even tried to negotiate. Did you read the article? It is pretty clear that it's not slander. I am surprised Trump hasn't tried to sue him, yet?
  5. Buds you read wrong, I listed actual real scandals from her...I stated I did not list the body count because it is not confirmed. However there other 6 scandals are, and you're more than welcome to chime in about those
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  6. So she doesn't believe what she says...

    But she says she supports many positions across a wide spectrum on both aisles.

    I think that can be dangerous, when you don't know what they are gonna do given a great power and responsibility.
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  7. WARNING: WorldNetDaily (WND), not to be confuzzled with World News Daily, is an American web site that publishes political content from the perspective of U.S. conservatives and the political right. So expect heavy coloring. They are likely the source of many ultra-Right folks’ conservative conspiracies, e.g., Obama’s birth certificate non-issue. But we wouldn’t call WND ‘conserva-nutjobs’ or anything of the sort.

    WND has a lot of personal commentary from writers, which tends to get passed onward by Right-wing extremists, such as Anthony C. LoBaido regarding the September 11 attacks.

    WND’s credibility stems from their often high-profile columnists and commentary writers, including Jerusalem Bureau Chief Aaron Klein, White House Correspondent Lester Kinsolving, and Chuck Norris (not joking). But they have been on the receiving end of defamation/libel suits, which they later settled out of court.
  8. I guess that is one way to twist words around.
  9. The Clintons are the gift that keeps on giving!! Funny how Bernie Sanders just taught all the hard working supporters of his "movement," the greatest lesson socialism has to offer. He is robbed via collusion by the DNC and their proclaimed queen and all those who put their trust in him get screwed...while the old hound dog who has never held a real job in his life outside of politics cuts a deal with the Beast and takes his plane and 40 staffers to pad his trip on the Clinton campaign trail until November. silly utopian-inspired friends, IS socialism. That top 1% that you guys hate so damn much and feel should support your lives with their hard work and success, are ALWAYS going to make sure that they are covered and completely taken care of REGARDLESS. Where are you? Right back where you started, hopes and dreams crashed and your "movement" sold to the Clinton machine to do with as she pleases.

    Nothing like LOYALTY!!!!!!!

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  10. Isn't Trump currently being audited? Why would you release tax returns during an audit?
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  11. That top 1% that you guys hate so damn much and feel should support your lives with their hard work and success, are ALWAYS going to make sure that they are covered and completely taken care of REGARDLESS. Where are you?

    Isn't that ironic coming from someone that wants to vote for another 1%'er?
  12. There is no reason not to, even the IRS states that he could.
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    Nah just sifting through all the bull shit. I like to tell it like it is, gets on my boss' nerves for sure.

    You're the one who said she doesn't believe her lies, unlike Trump. Unless I'm mistaken.
  14. They are both 1%ers. The Clintons have gone from being "dead broke" in 2008 to having over a hundred million now. Not bad pay considering they are public servants.
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  15. I can almost swear Bill just said that Hillary tripled the amount of people with AIDs, especially in Africa...
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  16. I think Bill just fixed everything for Hillary and with considerable aplomb. Man, can he talk.
  17. She tripled the number of people who received medication. That's what he said.
  18. If anyone here seriously thinks that Clinton's foreign policy wont be the same thing as before, you're hallucinating!
    The profiteering of war will continue. I think its almost funny if it wasnt so sad, that only real rebuttal that Clinton supporters have left is deflection to Trump. Just so sad.
    300 million poor motherfuckers who just stumped in 2016 between candidate toilet bowl A or candidate toilet bowl B, both are full of shit. And not sufficient enough people are demanding change, all about catching them pokemans.
    Systematic deletion of the human spirit, to the point where the monotonous robotic machines reflect the general brain dead population that elects them. Brain Drain.
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  19. Someone brought up deaths surrounding the Clintons

    Here you go



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