This Hitlery Clinton criminal

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  1. But you defend Hillary and say she's purely innocent despite all the shit she's done? Trying to understand that is like trying to figure the theory of relativity
  2. You've read someone else's posts, that is not my claim.
  3. Whole bunch of Trump stuff here that is totally off topic and y'know, should prob be deleted by a mod ;)
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  4. It's the Russians fuck where's my tin foil hat
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  5. Likely on the top shelf of your closet, above your Chinese made Trump ties, and next to your red Chinese made MAGA hat.
  6. How the fuck is Trump more corrupted? He doesn't have a record of fucking up like Hillary already does soon her job was pretty much that. So if anything you can't really judge much

    That's like saying I rather hire @HongKongPhooey who has been a failure multiple times in his life (don't worry HK you're a good guy) over @Digital VeilI who hasn't fucked up before.
  7. What the hell is a MAGA hat? I know what a tinfoil is because I'm wearing one right now to reflect Russian transmissions but what is a MAGA hat?
  8. Make America Great Again brochacho!
  9. Only since you asked...
    He is morally corrupt. His word is worthless.
    We may soon have the evidence, real evidence not thrown to see if it will stick type of Hillary evidence, from his lawsuits and from his "business" dealings with the Russians. It's real and he owes them $600 million, check it for yourself (and read that link).
  10. Please I'm not interested in conspiratard theories I already watched something about the 9/11 planes being CGI today so I'm done for now
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  11. It is not a theory. Who financed him when the banks wouldn't?

    Don't stick your head in the sand, at least try to be objective and not another blind follower.
  12. Those words are interchangeable with Hillary, you could easily be talking about her. Unless you subscribe to the old adage "It's never there fault"
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  13. I love that this Trump Russian stuff must be conspiracy, but the supposed death trail associated with the Clinton's is obviously true.

    Everything about Trump and his followers is a hypocritical mess.

    I'm not saying the Russian stuff is true, I have no clue myself. But the double standard is ridiculous.
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  14. I'm looking at links similar to that on conspiratard forums and subreddits and not even conspiratards like it not exactly the most mind blown thing I read like I can't find anything that is making me think "fuck trump could kill us all" it sounds like theories made under paranoia and schizophrenia and I get paranoid easily. Yes I am a blind follower brain washed by the Illuminati
  15. Perhaps close, but I have to differentiate your average politician with a pathological liar. He believes himself she doesn't.

    I don't believe he will kill us, perhaps some soldiers, but not all of us. I do believe he will skim the coffers and be a lapdog. subreddits are not the best source for journalistic reports.
  16. Subreddits don't make articles though they just share the stuff and people voice their opinions and I'm just saying even the conspiratards don't seem to be convinced. You know you did something wrong when you can't convince a conspiratard
  17. The death trail seems to make more sense but obviously I don't really focus a whole lot on that tbh I didn't really know much about it. But the way they got interviewed and asked about the email leaks it's just weird they tried their best to avoid the question and shift it to Trump and Russians somehow lol wtf I thought I was watching Alex Jones
  18. Well he's the guy that made a big deal about Mitt releasing his tax returns, and yet he won't release his own. It's stuff like that which fuels conspiracy that he must have something to hide. People in glass houses and all that stuff...
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  19. Yeah but I'm on about them making up Russian conspiracy theories by avoiding a question on the emails I don't think I even mentioned anything about his tax
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  20. Hillary Clinton’s record

    A rebutle list of her terrible failures. Get this, it's from the Washington post
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