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  1. Gee, did I stumble into a continuation of the RNC?

    Show me who was found in a suitcase?

    Show me any evidence that can back up all this hate. Investigations and Karl Rove type attacks for 30 years and still nothing concrete. That doesn't really add up very well.
  2. @Chil22 Soon this is your thread are you allowed to post memes? okie doke
  3. If it looks like fish smells like fish chances are it is fish, you dont see anything wrong in the Numerous confirmed scandals i listed? I could write out exactly what each one is but is that totally required?
  4. All fake Hillary is honest with the public and wouldn't do that.
  5. And I could write a list of all that have been investigated and found lacking in their accusations. Especially Bengazi. How long are they going to beat that horse?

    And Tiow42 The same meme shortly after already posting it in this thread is just silly.
  6. I'm not positive about the suitcase guy, I might be thinking of a diffrent murder, that's why I asked about it.

    Just because the injustice system refuses to do anything but a half ass probe into her criminality and then refuses to do anything about it and sweeps every thing under the rug and throws out a distraction does not mean that she is not guilty. It's rigged dude and the clintons have the whole thing in their pockets.

    Do you honestly believe that she is totally innocent of any wrong doing, not shady at all, has nothing but benevolent intentions and should be trusted at all?
    Can you realize that even without an indictment or conviction that she is shady, a liar and crooked?

    As one other blade put it, I trust her about as much as I'd trust a convicted child rapist to run a day care.
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  7. You say how long can you beat on a dead horse, I say how quickly you forget. Because other people wrre in the wrong as well that makes it ok? She gets a free pass?
  8. It can be like living in a small town and the gossips have targeted you. Many scoff, but after continued attacks doubt begins to grow. Very much a Karl Rove tactic.
  9. 8 investigations, conducted by a very hostile congress and no fault found. The very Congress that had cut money for the security of the embassies. There was no stand down order given. There was millions wasted, beating the same horse. For a search of the truth or to keep her in a negative light for as long as possible?
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  10. George Bush and Toby Blairs invasion on Iraq should be done for war crimes there was even a report recently on Toby Blair and why he really invaded of course still no conviction. If they can't get done on that then don't be surprise how Hillary already got away with most of the shit she did. She could murder someone on camera and you'll probably say it's CGI and video is not enough proof but nevermind Hillary is 100% honest
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    Anyone over 50 could be set in the same cast. Look at all the people that once knew you and are now dead. Shameful actions by a party that has no platform. Why are issues not important? The GOP platform is a total mess and the only input from the Trump team was don't cast Russia in a negative light. In fact let's undermine the NATO accord to embolden Russia.
    Pretty shaky stuff.

    Or do the attacks continue to take the light off of The Donalds many glaring faults and lack of substance. It has become the party of fluff.
  12. So do you believe these conspiratards?

  13. Spin spin spin
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    Oh my god you got to see this. Worst answer ever

    *Get's asked about the emails

    "er er er if if if b b but what about Republicans? Republicans is bad mmkay"

    God this made me lol

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  15. If that was the first indication of Russian interaction, then no. Since there is a pattern building, potentially explosive.
  16. Russian Warplanes Reportedly Bombed US Base in Syria |

    Your boy Obama seems to be doing a good job at appeasing Russia..just goes to show what policies the Democratic party negotiates kind of like the one with Iran right... least trump isn't looking to help our rivals
  17. LOL I guess the liberals forgot about Obama straight up telling putin (wait until elections iver then we can compromise) they're blatantly defecting the spotlight to Republicans, don't take any responsibility whatsoever.. and are they serious with those Russia conspiracy lmao it's A joke a completely fabricated joke.. the media is scared, it's obviousin their flaring of Trump's wife's speech that copied what less than 15 words lmao have evry right to be scared too, sheeple are waking up Nd Hitlery is struggling to plug the holes, only have 10 fingers though bud

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