This Hitlery Clinton criminal

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Chil22, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. I'm just curious how it is people can overlook the numerous scandals associated with the Clintons...Benghazi..emails server..the FBI investigation into and furious... Watergate...the Clinton foundation mismanaging of millions of dollars that were supposed to be charity....the millions she made off of speeches...the sinking of Bernie Sanders.... the list is HUGE
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  2. she's 100% honest and clean from corruption what do you mean?
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  3. Hitlery Clinton haha nice one wish I had that idea. Anyway the way I see it with your election is like sitting in a burning skyscraper and you have to decide whether to burn or jump. I guess too many people consider hitlery the less bad(I used this intentionally it's not bad English) solution. I'm not sure if she is don't get me wrong but look at Germany after Merkel was elected. That's something you wouldn't even want your worst enemy to have
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  4. Funny enough the same convicted corrupt person who funded Merkel is also funding Hillary Clinton. Coincidence?
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  5. nice way of putting it

    I didn't even know this, whose the funder?
  6. a conspiracy of dried out witches. The only question is who's worse Mrs. hypocrisy Angela Merkel our Mrs. cheated wife who's just a little corrupt hitlery Clinton. I can't stop using that name for her thanks for posting that @chill22
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  7. George Soro's he was known as the man who broke the bank of england,caused the asian financial crisis where Thailand and Malaysian PM called him out for an arrest,boiled the Ukraine crisis and countless of other things I can't be bothered to talk about so I just picked 3 I can remember. Look up him up he's the most eviliest person ever. Out of all the shit he done he only been convicted once and he didn't even get jailed time just a small fine but today if your rich you can murder 10 people and don't get shit. More on his conviction Land Destroyer: Soros Criminal Conviction Exposes "Human Rights" Scam
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  8. never heard of that but it sounds believable. Strange times we live in a rich dude can kill and chill and i can't even chill and chill if you get me
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  9. "For me it was a very positive experience, because you see incredible suffering around you, and in fact you're in considerable danger yourself... it's a very happy making, exhilarating experience." - George Soros when he was collaborated with the Nazi's. You can easily find a tape or video of him saying this

    Soros did not wear a Nazi uniform but he might as well have, because he aided in the persecution of the Jews of Europe, without compassion, without guilt and without regret. Various excuses have been made for his actions, and none of them hold the least bit of water. What makes you think he gives a shit about any country he destabilize as well? I hope this man just dies of old age already he's almost 100 years old
  10. OK Lets all together Say
  11. A right that was him. Couldn't do much the name now I remember him. Sadly enough. as much as I hate what the nazis did I think we can all agree they shoulda gased that fucker
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. The world would of at least been a better place
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  15. .

    Absolute power breeds corruption...there's alot of reported missing people around the Clintons, I didn't mention it because theyre not confirmed as the other scandals i stated pretty much are hah...I mean what's up with bush about I support her, really makes you think about a third agenda *spooky*
  16. I know there is a wake of dead bodies and "suicides" behind the Clintons. Wasn't someone who went against the Criminals found dead, zipped up in their own suitcase with a "self inflicted" gunshot wound to the back of the head or some crazy fuckery like that? That's one hell of a suicide.
  17. ^^ That pretty much confirms my suspicions.
  18. Is there anymore like this?
  19. You would have to look them all up but there are quite a few enemies of them that have met suspicious and untimely deaths from accidents or "suicides" shortly after crossing the criminals or right before the victim was about to open their mouths against them.
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