This Hillary Clinton lady

Discussion in 'Politics' started by VikingToker, Jul 25, 2015.

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    what do people think about her

    and why

    especially interested in american opinions

  2. She seems to be smarter than most american politicians.
  3. She's no lady.
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    I'd compare her to a cog or a gear. But a transsexual? Really?
  5. I can imagine her pissing standing up alright but I would not insult transsexuals by associating them with slimy Hilary.
  6. too bad shes a sociopath

  7. Shes a no for me. She doesnt really seem too concerned with the average american. like most politiicans she talks a big game but talk is cheap. Bernieeeeee
  8. I think they should work a deal. The Dems should throw Hillary under the bus and the Repubs should throw Bush and Cristie both. They already plan on blowing up Trump which may not be such a bad idea.

    How about if we just skip having an election for a change? Fuck a bunch of politicians. We don't need no stinking president. And we have more than enough laws by now. Fuck, the federal government doesn't even obey the ones we have so we sure don't need to be making more. Everybody just go home and get a fucking job for a decade or two. We'll hire some civilian contractors to deal with robbing the workers and invading foreign countries and at a tenth the cost.
  9. she's got a track record of dishonesty, sketchy, scummy, and unethical behavior both in her public and private life. naturally she's the perfect candidate for president. so i wish her luck.
  11. She is a fn KUNT!
  12. coulda pmed me or posted this in the other thread. :p

    But no not yet. Been settling into the new house still. Don't worry I will

  13. I'd hit it.
  14. Safe to say Big L would probably not vote for her.

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    Much like Big L I am fed up with that bullshit

  16. People like my mom don't know a thing about her but support her just because she's a woman.
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    Not going to start another thread on 'depends' so Id rather just post in here.

    <h1 class="story-body__h1">Clinton sent emails containing classified information</h1>
    What did she send? And who exactly did she send it to? Or rather a more accurate way putting it: Which one of her 'handlers' or 'pimps' received the info?

  18. At this point I'm thinking we as a country should all jump on the Trump bandwagon. Imagine a Trump presidency, it would certainly be a hell of a ride.
  19. Hell being the operative word.
  20. She's so goddamn handsome

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