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This hasn't happened to you...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CinnaSquares, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. So I picked up the other night from a buddy of mine. It's some nice bud; he gave me some bullshit name, but it's just some no name dank. Anyway, when I got back to my house, I weighed it on my scale and rolled up a nice spliff to go smoke with some friends. Ended up getting distracted and spent the night there. Then I come back to my house the next morning, and realize I left my weed on the table.

    So naturally, I go to the table to pick up the weed and stash it somewhere like a normal person when I look down and see all black. Turns out I left a fucking door cracked open and there were hundreds of thousands and ants all over my bud. I picked up a half and there was probably a quarter on the scale and a quarter on the table and these fuckers were all over my shit. They had strategic lines of worker ants leading from the door and up onto the table. They set up a system where ants were literally ripping apart my weed and carrying it away.

    These motherfuckers were robbing me blind, and quite personally I've never seen this type of shit before. I literally killed every single one of those bastards. They were doing work too, cause my scale reads a whole gram less weight and I know my spliff wasn't a whole gram, unless someone copped some off me... since the damn door was open and all.

    Anyway, I was thinking my next course of action would be to do a full on frontal assault and attempt to kill every single ant on the property. Don't know why I wrote this post, but I hope it was entertaining haha.... fuckin' ants, they suck
  2. hhhhmmmm what

  3. Pics or your full of shit ahaha
  4. You're buddy has an ant farm, and he either:

    A) took a pinch of your bud and released his ants as a cover for your losses.


    B) trained the ants to gather weed from the woods around his house and bring them back for master to smoke.
  5. Damn.. they were probably specially trained ninja ants. Trained for years and years to rob people of their marijuana.
  6. Marijuana isn't food, ants are not attracted to it, but good story. It was somewhat entertaining.
  7. Tl;dr: CinnaSquares was robbed by ants.

  8. They could be getting mites or whatever bugs that may happen to be hidden in the nugs. They aren't harming the bud though.
  9. If it smelled fruity (like blue dream for ex.) then maybe that's what attracted the ants in the first place,
    next time don't forget to bag.

    If this really did happen then I'm sorry for you wasted your money like that. :(

    But at least you can learn from this mistake and it never happen again. :D
    Optimism helps.
  10. Goor read brother
  11. They were some crazy ass ants dude. I talked to my buddy who sold it to me about it. Now don't get me wrong haha it was weird as fuck to call him up and say "Hey bro, you know that bud you sold me that other day? Have you had any ant problems?" Figured I'd look like a dumbass, but he said that he's kept it bagged up 24/7 because the grower that sold it to him said he had to do so much shit to protect it from ants and aphids. I don't know if he's just fuckin' with me, but he said he heard directly from the grower that its a problem when he bought it lol.

    My only question was why in the hell didn't he tell me... but I guess it makes sense, what kind of dealer wants to tell the people he sells to that they need to watch out for ants. I mean ants of all things, its just weird...
  12. Bad luck brian
  13. Kill those fuckers
  14. Well I'm picking up a couple bottles of this tomorrow:


    So they will die. Not letting that shit happen again.
  15. You can't make this shit up. Some of the strangest problems I've ever read about on here lately.
  16. i smell bullshit. in any case, it's odd because his name is cinnasquares and cinnamon is basically cyanide for ants

  17. Really? Hmm...cinnamon is probably cheaper than ant killer -- I'll have to keep that in mind :cool:
  18. I would have made a youtube video of it.
  19. what cunthole ants
  20. This isn't the first of your threads I've had a chuckle at ;)

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