This has to be a Dumb question..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ksr69, May 14, 2010.

  1. Why do people cut the tips of the leaves on there clones??

    Like i said.. dumb question but i really dont know the answer..:(
  2. Maybe one of the more experienced growers can chime in, but Ive always thought that it cuts down the amount of water the plants transpire to conserve moistures and to devote more energy to developing roots instead of growing leaves.
  3. yep, thats why you do it.
  4. not dumb at all. i wondered myself actually. i know you dont have to do it tho. i've even seen some ppl ripping off a leaflet on each side.
  5. it also allows for easier moisture absorption when misting. The plants get most of there water through the leaves as clones. that's why misting is so important.
  6. maybe im confused, but wouldnt leaves take in more water if they werent cut? can you explain why cut leaves have easier moisture absorption?
  7. same reason you cut the stalk at an angle. It increases open area that can absorb water. That's as far as I understand it.

    Some people don't cut their leaves. I cut just the pointy part, but I hate cloning. Selective pollination is way better IMO
  8. that makes sense, never thought about it like that. thanks man

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