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This has probably been asked before,

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Diazmet, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. But I just cleaned my pipe.

    It's a sidecar Bubbler, But the downstem broke so I just use it as a dry pipe now.

    But as I said, I just cleaned it with Iso, And got about 90% of all the resin and shit out of it. But I can't get all of the stuff out of it, and it still smells really bad.

    Now I don't really have any access to any fancy cleaner, as I don't know of any headshops around here, So I was wondering, What Can I do to finish cleaning it to make sure it's really clean and doesn't have any shit left inside it?
  2. Your goin to have to hit it w/ the HOT HOT H20 and ISO and salt!!! give it a good shake for a min of so then hit it w/ the hot H20
  3. Alright. Thanks dude. =]
  4. iso and salt, and then hot hot water, or vice versa, if you mix all 3 it just dissolves the salt
  5. alternatively efferdent (denture cleaner) and warm water can work well. Soak your pipe for an hour and then put a toothpick or pipecleaner in from carb bowl and mouthpeice to get the chunks that haven't fallen off.

    I've often wondered if efferdent, then isopropyl and salt mixture would do any good for that stubborn resin.

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